Crafting recipes for Jeweler

621 results
Name Level asc Type
Exquisite Azurite Jewel Exquisite Azurite Jewel 400 Updrage
Charged Quartz Orichalcum Amulet Charged Quartz Orichalcum Amulet 400 Amulet
Flax Blossom Orichalcum Earring Flax Blossom Orichalcum Earring 400 Earring
Exquisite Moonstone Jewel Exquisite Moonstone Jewel 400 Updrage
Exquisite Ebony Jewel Exquisite Ebony Jewel 400 Updrage
Mournstone Ring Mournstone Ring 400 Ring
Orichalcum Chain Orichalcum Chain 400 Component
Exquisite Opal Jewel Exquisite Opal Jewel 400 Updrage
Sapphire Orichalcum Earring Sapphire Orichalcum Earring 400 Earring
The Zealot's Amulet The Zealot's Amulet 400 Amulet
Exquisite Charged Quartz Jewel Exquisite Charged Quartz Jewel 400 Updrage
Black Diamond Orichalcum Ring Black Diamond Orichalcum Ring 400 Ring
Agate Orichalcum Amulet Agate Orichalcum Amulet 400 Amulet
Agate Orichalcum Ring Agate Orichalcum Ring 400 Ring
Mournstone Amulet Mournstone Amulet 400 Amulet
Exquisite Ruby Jewel Exquisite Ruby Jewel 400 Updrage
Opal Orichalcum Earring Opal Orichalcum Earring 400 Earring
Gift of Ice Gift of Ice 400 Component
Candy Corn Orichalcum Amulet Candy Corn Orichalcum Amulet 400 Amulet
Ring of Blood Ring of Blood 400 Ring
Xunlai Electrum Ingot Xunlai Electrum Ingot 400 Refinement
Charged Fossil Charged Fossil 400 Refinement
Agate Orichalcum Earring Agate Orichalcum Earring 400 Earring
Lump of Glass Lump of Glass 400 Refinement
Exquisite Sapphire Jewel Exquisite Sapphire Jewel 400 Updrage
Ruby Orichalcum Earring Ruby Orichalcum Earring 400 Earring
Unicorn Statue Unicorn Statue 400 Component
Vallog's Demise Vallog's Demise 400 Earring
Passiflora Orichalcum Amulet Passiflora Orichalcum Amulet 400 Amulet
Azurite Orichalcum Amulet Azurite Orichalcum Amulet 400 Amulet
Watchwork Mechanism Watchwork Mechanism 400 Refinement
Black Diamond Orichalcum Amulet Black Diamond Orichalcum Amulet 400 Amulet
Moonstone Orichalcum Amulet Moonstone Orichalcum Amulet 400 Amulet
Exquisite Burl Jewel Exquisite Burl Jewel 400 Updrage
Orichalcum Band Orichalcum Band 400 Component
Coral Orichalcum Earring Coral Orichalcum Earring 400 Earring
Gift of Music Gift of Music 400 Component
Plague Plague 400 Ring
Passiflora Orichalcum Earring Passiflora Orichalcum Earring 400 Earring
Sprocket Orichalcum Amulet Sprocket Orichalcum Amulet 400 Amulet
Elegant Jeweler's Tools Elegant Jeweler's Tools 400 Component
Exquisite Black Diamond Jewel Exquisite Black Diamond Jewel 400 Updrage
Burl Orichalcum Earring Burl Orichalcum Earring 400 Earring
Dragon Hatchling Doll Adornments Dragon Hatchling Doll Adornments 400 Component
Emerald Orichalcum Earring Emerald Orichalcum Earring 400 Earring
Vial of Quicksilver Vial of Quicksilver 400 Component
Operative's Creed Operative's Creed 400 Earring
Shukov's Launch Codes Shukov's Launch Codes 400 Earring
Passiflora Orichalcum Ring Passiflora Orichalcum Ring 400 Ring
Sprocket Orichalcum Earring Sprocket Orichalcum Earring 400 Earring