Crafting recipes for Weaponsmith

2394 results
Name Level Type asc
Gift of Bones Gift of Bones 400 Component
Simple Weaponsmith's Tools Simple Weaponsmith's Tools 0 Component
Iron Greatsword Hilt Iron Greatsword Hilt 75 Component
Small Spiritwood Haft Small Spiritwood Haft 500 Component
Steel Sword Hilt Steel Sword Hilt 150 Component
Bronze Axe Blade Bronze Axe Blade 0 Component
Bronze Dagger Hilt Bronze Dagger Hilt 0 Component
Large Ancient Haft Large Ancient Haft 400 Component
Darksteel Spear Head Darksteel Spear Head 225 Component
Gift of Totems Gift of Totems 400 Component
Practical Weaponsmith's Tools Practical Weaponsmith's Tools 150 Component
Darksteel Greatsword Hilt Darksteel Greatsword Hilt 225 Component
Deldrimor Steel Mace Head Deldrimor Steel Mace Head 500 Component
Mithril Sword Hilt Mithril Sword Hilt 300 Component
Marshal's Stellar Orrery Marshal's Stellar Orrery 500 Component
Oiled Orichalcum Greatsword Hilt Oiled Orichalcum Greatsword Hilt 400 Component
Steel Axe Blade Steel Axe Blade 150 Component
Steel Dagger Hilt Steel Dagger Hilt 150 Component
Iron Mace Head Iron Mace Head 75 Component
Orichalcum Spear Head Orichalcum Spear Head 400 Component
Gift of Claws Gift of Claws 400 Component
Elegant Weaponsmith's Backpack Elegant Weaponsmith's Backpack 400 Backpack
Practical Weaponsmith's Backpack Practical Weaponsmith's Backpack 150 Backpack
Ornate Weaponsmith's Backpack Ornate Weaponsmith's Backpack 300 Backpack
Simple Weaponsmith's Backpack Simple Weaponsmith's Backpack 0 Backpack
Sturdy Weaponsmith's Backpack Sturdy Weaponsmith's Backpack 75 Backpack
Intricate Weaponsmith's Backpack Intricate Weaponsmith's Backpack 275 Backpack
Elegant Weaponsmith's Backpack Elegant Weaponsmith's Backpack 400 Backpack
Vital Bronze Axe Vital Bronze Axe 50 Axe
Ravaging Dredge Bonehewer Ravaging Dredge Bonehewer 200 Axe
Handcrafted Francisca Handcrafted Francisca 400 Axe
Berserker's Mithril Axe Berserker's Mithril Axe 325 Axe
Soros's Reaver Soros's Reaver 500 Axe
Honed Steel Axe Honed Steel Axe 175 Axe
Apothecary's Primordus Axe Apothecary's Primordus Axe 400 Axe
Verata's Reaver Verata's Reaver 500 Axe
Vigilant Pearl Reaver Vigilant Pearl Reaver 400 Axe
Assassin's Darksteel Axe Assassin's Darksteel Axe 250 Axe
Soldier's Pearl Reaver Soldier's Pearl Reaver 400 Axe
Cleric's Pearl Reaver Cleric's Pearl Reaver 400 Axe
Hunter's Iron Axe Hunter's Iron Axe 75 Axe
Carrion Ogre Cleaver Carrion Ogre Cleaver 275 Axe
Honed Dredge Bonehewer Honed Dredge Bonehewer 200 Axe
Assassin's Godskull Sickle Assassin's Godskull Sickle 275 Axe
Handcrafted Tarnished Hewer Handcrafted Tarnished Hewer 400 Axe
Mistcleaver Mistcleaver 500 Axe
Carrion Mithril Axe Carrion Mithril Axe 350 Axe
Angchu Reaver Angchu Reaver 500 Axe
Ravaging Steel Axe Ravaging Steel Axe 200 Axe
Charr Cleaver Charr Cleaver 50 Axe