Mystic Recipes

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134 results
Name desc Author
+28 Agony Infusion +28 Agony Infusion Anonymous
5 Scion, 1325 AE 5 Scion, 1325 AE Anonymous
65 Scion, 1326 AE 65 Scion, 1326 AE Anonymous
Amazing Fractal Box Amazing Fractal Box Anonymous
Ancient Bone Ancient Bone Anonymous
Anthology of Heroes Anthology of Heroes Anonymous
Apothecary's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription Apothecary's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription Anonymous
Ardent Glorious Legguards Ardent Glorious Legguards Anonymous
Assaulter's Demon Virge Assaulter's Demon Virge Anonymous
Augur's Stone Augur's Stone Anonymous
Azureflame Azureflame Anonymous
Bat Wing Bat Wing Anonymous
Berserker's Scallywag Gauntlets of the Flock Berserker's Scallywag Gauntlets of the Flock Anonymous
Black Lion Chest Black Lion Chest Anonymous
Bloodstone Coral Bloodstone Coral Anonymous
Bloodstone Dark Indigo Bloodstone Dark Indigo Anonymous
Bloodstone Pistol Skin Bloodstone Pistol Skin Anonymous
Carnival Mace Carnival Mace Anonymous
Carrion Legionnaire Greatsword of Rage Carrion Legionnaire Greatsword of Rage Anonymous
Carrion Mithril Greatsword Carrion Mithril Greatsword Anonymous
Chrysocola Orb Chrysocola Orb Anonymous
Class II Rift Stabilizer Class II Rift Stabilizer Anonymous
Claymore of the Sunless Claymore of the Sunless Anonymous
Cleric's Adventurer's Spectacles Cleric's Adventurer's Spectacles Anonymous
Cleric's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription Cleric's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription Anonymous
Corrupted Lodestone Corrupted Lodestone Anonymous
Crest of the Rabid Crest of the Rabid Anonymous
Crimson Assassin Hammer Skin Crimson Assassin Hammer Skin Anonymous
Dawn Dawn Anonymous
Dire Banded Pauldrons of the Citadel Dire Banded Pauldrons of the Citadel Anonymous
Dire Orrian Mace of Accuracy Dire Orrian Mace of Accuracy Anonymous
Druid's Vision Druid's Vision Anonymous
Dusk Dusk Anonymous
Elaborate Totem Elaborate Totem Anonymous
Elaborate Totem Elaborate Totem Anonymous
Eldritch Scroll Eldritch Scroll Anonymous
Embellished Torch Skin Embellished Torch Skin Anonymous
Essence of the Garden Essence of the Garden Anonymous
Eternity Eternity Anonymous
Exalted Greatsword Core Exalted Greatsword Core Anonymous
Flawless Snowflake Flawless Snowflake Anonymous
Foefire Wraps Foefire Wraps Anonymous
Frozen Scales Dye Frozen Scales Dye Anonymous
Gargoyle Axe Skin Gargoyle Axe Skin Anonymous
Gift of Ascension Gift of Ascension Anonymous
Gift of Bloodstone Magic Gift of Bloodstone Magic Anonymous
Gift of Bolt Gift of Bolt Anonymous
Gift of Fortune Gift of Fortune Anonymous
Gift of Mastery Gift of Mastery Anonymous
Gift of the Fleet Gift of the Fleet Anonymous