Crafting recipes for Scribe

548 results
Name Level asc Type
Sketchbook: Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra Sketchbook: Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra 400 Consumable
Seance Candle Seance Candle 400
Orichalcum Reinforcing Plate Orichalcum Reinforcing Plate 400 Component
Gold Sabetha Trophy Gold Sabetha Trophy 400
Gold Slothasor Trophy Gold Slothasor Trophy 400
Box of Master Scribing Supplies Box of Master Scribing Supplies 400 Bulk
Kormir Statue Kormir Statue 400
Orichalcum Craftsman's Hammer Orichalcum Craftsman's Hammer 400 Component
Potted Blooming Moa Fern Potted Blooming Moa Fern 400
Elegant Scribe's Backpack Elegant Scribe's Backpack 400 Backpack
Gold Triple Trouble Trophy Gold Triple Trouble Trophy 400
Snowman Ice Sculpture Snowman Ice Sculpture 400
Writ of Masterful Speed Writ of Masterful Speed 400 Consumable
Illuminated Fountain Illuminated Fountain 400
Guild Shield Generator Blueprint Guild Shield Generator Blueprint 400
Writ of Masterful Accuracy Writ of Masterful Accuracy 400 Consumable
Palm Tree Palm Tree 400
Tall Candlestick Tall Candlestick 400
Gold White Mantle Abomination Trophy Gold White Mantle Abomination Trophy 400
Gold Mordremoth Trophy Gold Mordremoth Trophy 400
Gold Tequatl Trophy Gold Tequatl Trophy 400
Globe of Whispers Globe of Whispers 400
Slab of the Solid Ocean Slab of the Solid Ocean 400
Gold Samarog Trophy Gold Samarog Trophy 400
Bolt of Gossamer Bolt of Gossamer 400 Refinement
Guild Siege Golem Blueprints Guild Siege Golem Blueprints 400
Ascalonian Tree Ascalonian Tree 400
Balthazar Statue Balthazar Statue 400
Green Tree Green Tree 400
Cured Hardened Leather Square Cured Hardened Leather Square 400 Refinement
Melandru Statue Melandru Statue 400
Griffon Fountain Griffon Fountain 400
Tyrian Globe Tyrian Globe 400
Writ of Masterful Malice Writ of Masterful Malice 400 Consumable
Elegant Scribe's Tools Elegant Scribe's Tools 400 Component
Bag of Crystalline Blotting Powder Bag of Crystalline Blotting Powder 400 Component
Gold Vale Guardian Trophy Gold Vale Guardian Trophy 400
Lattice Arbor Lattice Arbor 400
Elegant Wall Panel Elegant Wall Panel 400
Large Wave of the Solid Ocean Large Wave of the Solid Ocean 400
Guild Banquet Table Guild Banquet Table 400
Elegant Pillar Elegant Pillar 400
Fancy Wagon Fancy Wagon 400
Grandmaster's Ink Set Grandmaster's Ink Set 400 Component
Large Female Norn Holo-Dancer Large Female Norn Holo-Dancer 400
Gilded Lamp Gilded Lamp 400
Guild Bar Guild Bar 400
Grenth Statue Grenth Statue 400
Gold Keep Construct Trophy Gold Keep Construct Trophy 400
Grandmaster's Finishing Kit Grandmaster's Finishing Kit 400 Component