Crafting recipes for Scribe

607 results
Name Level asc Type
Lion Fountain Lion Fountain 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Potted Fruiting Night Thistle Potted Fruiting Night Thistle 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Orichalcum Nib Orichalcum Nib 400 Component
Gramophone Gramophone 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Gold Shatterer Trophy Gold Shatterer Trophy 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Gold Mursaat Overseer Trophy Gold Mursaat Overseer Trophy 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Elonian Tent Elonian Tent 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Elonian Vase Elonian Vase 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Gold Desmina Trophy Gold Desmina Trophy 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Resonating Lodestone Resonating Lodestone 400 Refinement
Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Ancient Wood Pen Ancient Wood Pen 400 Component
Wide Library Shelf Wide Library Shelf 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Spooky Cauldron Spooky Cauldron 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Bag of Crystalline Energy Bag of Crystalline Energy 400 Component
Lyssa Statue Lyssa Statue 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Sheet of Premium Paper Sheet of Premium Paper 400 Component
Ornate Armor Stand Ornate Armor Stand 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Mad Moon Mad Moon 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Elonian Incense Stand Elonian Incense Stand 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Sketchbook: Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra Sketchbook: Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra 400 Consumable
Seance Candle Seance Candle 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Orichalcum Reinforcing Plate Orichalcum Reinforcing Plate 400 Component
Gold Sabetha Trophy Gold Sabetha Trophy 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Gold Slothasor Trophy Gold Slothasor Trophy 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Box of Master Scribing Supplies Box of Master Scribing Supplies 400 Bulk
Forged Fire Wall Forged Fire Wall 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Gold Dhuum Trophy Gold Dhuum Trophy 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Kormir Statue Kormir Statue 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Orichalcum Craftsman's Hammer Orichalcum Craftsman's Hammer 400 Component
Potted Blooming Moa Fern Potted Blooming Moa Fern 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Elegant Scribe's Backpack Elegant Scribe's Backpack 400 Backpack
Gold Triple Trouble Trophy Gold Triple Trouble Trophy 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Snowman Ice Sculpture Snowman Ice Sculpture 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Forged Matrix Forged Matrix 400 Component
Putrid Matrix Putrid Matrix 400 Component
Bolt of Gossamer Bolt of Gossamer 400 Refinement
Writ of Masterful Speed Writ of Masterful Speed 400 Consumable
Illuminated Fountain Illuminated Fountain 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Guild Shield Generator Blueprint Guild Shield Generator Blueprint 400 ((crtype_guildconsumablewvw))
Writ of Masterful Accuracy Writ of Masterful Accuracy 400 Consumable
Palm Tree Palm Tree 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Tall Candlestick Tall Candlestick 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Gold White Mantle Abomination Trophy Gold White Mantle Abomination Trophy 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Gold Mordremoth Trophy Gold Mordremoth Trophy 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Gold Tequatl Trophy Gold Tequatl Trophy 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Globe of Whispers Globe of Whispers 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Slab of the Solid Ocean Slab of the Solid Ocean 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Gold Samarog Trophy Gold Samarog Trophy 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Elonian Teapot Elonian Teapot 400 ((crtype_guilddecoration))