Crafting recipes for Scribe

607 results
Name Level asc Type
Super Forest House Super Forest House 300 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Elder Wood Plank Elder Wood Plank 300 Refinement
Eternal Flame Eternal Flame 300 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Mithril Reinforcing Plate Mithril Reinforcing Plate 300 Component
Tall Elonian Column Tall Elonian Column 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Human Summit Banner Human Summit Banner 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Sylvari Summit Banner Sylvari Summit Banner 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Short Elonian Column Short Elonian Column 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Potted Maguuma Lily (Double Bloom) Potted Maguuma Lily (Double Bloom) 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Large Hemisphere of Snow Large Hemisphere of Snow 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Thesis on Calculated Malice Thesis on Calculated Malice 275 Feast
Potted Slender Fern Tree Potted Slender Fern Tree 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Green Wintersday Gift Green Wintersday Gift 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Thesis on Calculated Strength Thesis on Calculated Strength 275 Feast
Thesis on Basic Speed Thesis on Basic Speed 275 Feast
Short Guild Bar Short Guild Bar 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Thesis on Calculated Accuracy Thesis on Calculated Accuracy 275 Feast
Intricate Scribe's Backpack Intricate Scribe's Backpack 275 Backpack
Asuran Summit Banner Asuran Summit Banner 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Intricate Scribe's Tools Intricate Scribe's Tools 275 Component
Elaborate Sandstone Pillar Elaborate Sandstone Pillar 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Short Guild Banquet Table Short Guild Banquet Table 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Norn Summit Banner Norn Summit Banner 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Head Topiary Head Topiary 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Fancy Round Table Fancy Round Table 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Charr Summit Banner Charr Summit Banner 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Body Topiary Body Topiary 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Fire Circle Fire Circle 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Snow Maker Snow Maker 275 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Rustic Brazier Rustic Brazier 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Guild Gathering and Swiftness Banner Schematic Guild Gathering and Swiftness Banner Schematic 250 ((crtype_guildconsumable))
Bronze White Mantle Abomination Trophy Bronze White Mantle Abomination Trophy 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Bronze Desmina Trophy Bronze Desmina Trophy 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Summit Banner Summit Banner 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Potted Petticoat Palm Potted Petticoat Palm 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Bronze Cairn the Indomitable Trophy Bronze Cairn the Indomitable Trophy 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Potted Fern Tree Potted Fern Tree 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Smooth Book Cover Smooth Book Cover 250 Component
Bronze Shatterer Trophy Bronze Shatterer Trophy 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Bronze Sabetha Trophy Bronze Sabetha Trophy 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Bronze Samarog Trophy Bronze Samarog Trophy 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Potted Lady Palm Potted Lady Palm 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Schematic: Centaur Banner Schematic: Centaur Banner 250 ((crtype_guildconsumablewvw))
Red Throw Pillow Red Throw Pillow 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Bronze Mordremoth Trophy Bronze Mordremoth Trophy 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Bronze Statue of Grenth Trophy Bronze Statue of Grenth Trophy 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Mists Drake Statue Mists Drake Statue 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Bronze Chak Gerent Trophy Bronze Chak Gerent Trophy 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Large Wedge of Snow Large Wedge of Snow 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Bronze Deimos Trophy Bronze Deimos Trophy 250 ((crtype_guilddecoration))