Crafting recipes for Scribe

607 results
Name Level asc Type
Basic Book Basic Book 100 Component
Super Flower Super Flower 100 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Elonian Wood Chair Elonian Wood Chair 100 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Box of Banner Supplies Box of Banner Supplies 100 Component
Painting of Moto Painting of Moto 100 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Super Mushroom Super Mushroom 100 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Gold Bound Matrix Gold Bound Matrix 100 Component
Creepy Jack-o'-Lantern Creepy Jack-o'-Lantern 100 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Rough Book Cover Rough Book Cover 100 Component
Super Pagoda Column Super Pagoda Column 100 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Encased Matrix Encased Matrix 100 Component
Guild World Event Schematic Guild World Event Schematic 100 ((crtype_guildconsumable))
Embossed Matrix Embossed Matrix 100 Component
Cured Thin Leather Square Cured Thin Leather Square 75 Refinement
Holiday Wreath Holiday Wreath 75 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Super Tree Super Tree 75 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Nib Silver Nib 75 Component
Writ of Accuracy Writ of Accuracy 75 Consumable
Basic Ink Set Basic Ink Set 75 Component
Sturdy Scribe's Backpack Sturdy Scribe's Backpack 75 Backpack
Iron Craftsman's Hammer Iron Craftsman's Hammer 75 Component
Potted Junglerice Potted Junglerice 75 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Bolt of Wool Bolt of Wool 75 Refinement
Potted Jungle Grass Potted Jungle Grass 75 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Highback Chair Highback Chair 75 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Sheet of Coarse Sandpaper Sheet of Coarse Sandpaper 75 Component
Crooked Mushroom Crooked Mushroom 75 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Ingot Silver Ingot 75 Refinement
Soft Wood Dowel Soft Wood Dowel 75 Refinement
Large Festival Tent Large Festival Tent 75 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Writ of Malice Writ of Malice 75 Consumable
Box of Initiate Scribing Supplies Box of Initiate Scribing Supplies 75 Bulk
Basic Scribing Kit Basic Scribing Kit 75 Component
Soft Wood Pen Soft Wood Pen 75 Component
Super Pine Tree Super Pine Tree 75 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Soft Wood Plank Soft Wood Plank 75 Refinement
Basic Finishing Kit Basic Finishing Kit 75 Component
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot 75 Refinement
Writ of Strength Writ of Strength 75 Consumable
Sturdy Scribe's Tools Sturdy Scribe's Tools 75 Component
Iron Chisel Iron Chisel 75 Component
Super Rock Super Rock 75 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Sheet of Rough Paper Sheet of Rough Paper 75 Component
Soft Wood Pulp Soft Wood Pulp 75 Refinement
Hanging Tree Hanging Tree 75 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Armor Stand Armor Stand 75 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Bag of Shimmering Blotting Powder Bag of Shimmering Blotting Powder 75 Component
Potted Fan Palm Potted Fan Palm 50 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Potted Tree Potted Tree 50 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Festival Tent Festival Tent 50 ((crtype_guilddecoration))