Crafting recipes for Scribe

637 results
Name Level asc Type
Orange Balloon Orange Balloon 125 Guild Decoration
Guild Experience Banner Schematic Guild Experience Banner Schematic 125 Guild Consumable
Elonian Wood Table Elonian Wood Table 125 Guild Decoration
Throne Throne 125 Guild Decoration
Major Sigil of Agility Major Sigil of Agility 125 Updrage
Fuchsia Balloon Fuchsia Balloon 125 Guild Decoration
Guild Bench Guild Bench 125 Guild Decoration
Worn Pillar Worn Pillar 125 Guild Decoration
Major Sigil of Transference Major Sigil of Transference 125 Updrage
Yellow Balloon Yellow Balloon 125 Guild Decoration
Campfire Campfire 125 Guild Decoration
Spire Topiary Spire Topiary 125 Guild Decoration
Guild Karma Banner Schematic Guild Karma Banner Schematic 125 Guild Consumable
Cuboid of Snow Cuboid of Snow 125 Guild Decoration
Thesis on Malice Thesis on Malice 125 Feast
Ghostly Dining Chair Ghostly Dining Chair 125 Guild Decoration
Major Sigil of Concentration Major Sigil of Concentration 125 Updrage
Thesis on Strength Thesis on Strength 125 Feast
Unimpressive King Frog Unimpressive King Frog 100 Guild Decoration
Cube of Snow Cube of Snow 100 Guild Decoration
Basic Book Basic Book 100 Component
Super Flower Super Flower 100 Guild Decoration
Elonian Wood Chair Elonian Wood Chair 100 Guild Decoration
Tray of Eggnog Tray of Eggnog 100 Guild Decoration
Box of Banner Supplies Box of Banner Supplies 100 Component
Painting of Moto Painting of Moto 100 Guild Decoration
Super Mushroom Super Mushroom 100 Guild Decoration
Gold Bound Matrix Gold Bound Matrix 100 Component
Creepy Jack-o'-Lantern Creepy Jack-o'-Lantern 100 Guild Decoration
Super Snow Floor Super Snow Floor 100 Guild Decoration
Arrow Pattern Snowflake Platform Arrow Pattern Snowflake Platform 100 Guild Decoration
Rough Book Cover Rough Book Cover 100 Component
Super Pagoda Column Super Pagoda Column 100 Guild Decoration
Encased Matrix Encased Matrix 100 Component
Guild World Event Schematic Guild World Event Schematic 100 Guild Consumable
Embossed Matrix Embossed Matrix 100 Component
Super Angry Cloud Super Angry Cloud 100 Guild Decoration
Guild Gathering Boost Banner Schematic Guild Gathering Boost Banner Schematic 100 Guild Consumable
Schematic: Sabotage Depot Schematic: Sabotage Depot 100 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Spooky Dining Chair Spooky Dining Chair 100 Guild Decoration
Basic Scribing Kit Basic Scribing Kit 75 Component
Soft Wood Pen Soft Wood Pen 75 Component
Super Pine Tree Super Pine Tree 75 Guild Decoration
Soft Wood Plank Soft Wood Plank 75 Refinement
Basic Finishing Kit Basic Finishing Kit 75 Component
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot 75 Refinement
Writ of Strength Writ of Strength 75 Consumable
Sturdy Scribe's Tools Sturdy Scribe's Tools 75 Component
Iron Chisel Iron Chisel 75 Component
Super Rock Super Rock 75 Guild Decoration