Crafting recipes for Scribe

637 results
Name Level asc Type
Minor Sigil of Agility Minor Sigil of Agility 25 Updrage
Simple Table Simple Table 25 Guild Decoration
Simple Book Simple Book 25 Component
Broken Square Pillar Broken Square Pillar 25 Guild Decoration
Minor Sigil of Transference Minor Sigil of Transference 25 Updrage
Fancy Chair Fancy Chair 25 Guild Decoration
Red Festival Umbrella Red Festival Umbrella 25 Guild Decoration
Simple Ink Set Simple Ink Set 0 Component
Bag of Dolyak Chow Bag of Dolyak Chow 0 Component
Bag of Glittering Blotting Powder Bag of Glittering Blotting Powder 0 Component
Sheet of Coarse Paper Sheet of Coarse Paper 0 Component
Copper Nib Copper Nib 0 Component
Chunk of the Solid Ocean Chunk of the Solid Ocean 0 Guild Decoration
Green Wood Dowel Green Wood Dowel 0 Refinement
Copper Reinforcing Plate Copper Reinforcing Plate 0 Component
Copper Ingot Copper Ingot 0 Refinement
Writ of Basic Strength Writ of Basic Strength 0 Consumable
Bronze Ingot Bronze Ingot 0 Refinement
Simple Scribe's Backpack Simple Scribe's Backpack 0 Backpack
Simple Scribe's Tools Simple Scribe's Tools 0 Component
Linen Supply Sack Linen Supply Sack 0 Component
Bronze Craftsman's Hammer Bronze Craftsman's Hammer 0 Component
Bag of Shimmering Energy Bag of Shimmering Energy 0 Component
Sheet of Extra Coarse Sandpaper Sheet of Extra Coarse Sandpaper 0 Component
Writ of Basic Malice Writ of Basic Malice 0 Consumable
Linen Rope Linen Rope 0 Component
Simple Scribing Kit Simple Scribing Kit 0 Component
Green Wood Plank Green Wood Plank 0 Refinement
Green Wood Pulp Green Wood Pulp 0 Refinement
Fountain Torch Fountain Torch 0 Component
Bronze Chisel Bronze Chisel 0 Component
Green Wood Pen Green Wood Pen 0 Component
Writ of Basic Accuracy Writ of Basic Accuracy 0 Consumable
Stretched Rawhide Leather Square Stretched Rawhide Leather Square 0 Refinement
Simple Finishing Kit Simple Finishing Kit 0 Component
Bolt of Jute Bolt of Jute 0 Refinement
Vial of Linseed Oil Vial of Linseed Oil 0 Refinement