Crafting recipes for Huntsman

2086 results
Name Level asc Type
Verata's Musket Verata's Musket 500 Rifle
Laranthir's Revolver Laranthir's Revolver 500 Pistol
Mechanical Pistol Frame Mechanical Pistol Frame 500 Legendary Component
Laranthir's Short Bow Laranthir's Short Bow 500 Shortbow
Precise Pistol Barrel Precise Pistol Barrel 500 Legendary Component
The Hunter The Hunter 500 Legendary Component
Ruka's Brazier Ruka's Brazier 500 Torch
Ruka's Short Bow Ruka's Short Bow 500 Shortbow
Svaard's Brazier Svaard's Brazier 500 Torch
Nadijeh's Greatbow Nadijeh's Greatbow 500 Longbow
The Twins' Brazier The Twins' Brazier 500 Torch
Nerashi's Inscription Nerashi's Inscription 500 Inscription
Soros' Assassin Inscription Soros' Assassin Inscription 500 Inscription
Grizzlemouth's Brazier Grizzlemouth's Brazier 500 Torch
Coalforge's Short Bow Coalforge's Short Bow 500 Shortbow
Grizzlemouth's Musket Grizzlemouth's Musket 500 Rifle
Coalforge's Herald Coalforge's Herald 500 Warhorn
Grizzlemouth's Revolver Grizzlemouth's Revolver 500 Pistol
Coalforge's Greatbow Coalforge's Greatbow 500 Longbow
Spiritwood Short-Bow Stave Spiritwood Short-Bow Stave 500 Component
Ebonmane's Harpoon Gun Ebonmane's Harpoon Gun 500 Speargun
Finite Result Finite Result 500 Legendary Component
Maklain's Minstrel's Inscription Maklain's Minstrel's Inscription 500 Inscription
Svaard's Herald Svaard's Herald 500 Warhorn
Tizlak's Commander's Inscription Tizlak's Commander's Inscription 500 Inscription
Lattice Lattice 500 Legendary Component
Pahua's Trailblazer's Inscription Pahua's Trailblazer's Inscription 500 Inscription
Thackeray's Seraph Inscription Thackeray's Seraph Inscription 500 Inscription
Thackeray's Crescent Thackeray's Crescent 500 Shortbow
The Twins' Herald The Twins' Herald 500 Warhorn
The Twins' Revolver The Twins' Revolver 500 Pistol
Marshal's Stellar Beacon Marshal's Stellar Beacon 500 Torch
Leftpaw's Settler Inscription Leftpaw's Settler Inscription 500 Inscription
Mathilde's Brazier Mathilde's Brazier 500 Torch
Soros's Short Bow Soros's Short Bow 500 Shortbow
Mathilde's Musket Mathilde's Musket 500 Rifle
Soros's Herald Soros's Herald 500 Warhorn
Mathilde's Revolver Mathilde's Revolver 500 Pistol
Soros's Greatbow Soros's Greatbow 500 Longbow
Spiritwood Rifle Stock Spiritwood Rifle Stock 500 Component
Zojja's Harpoon Gun Zojja's Harpoon Gun 500 Speargun
Ventari's Greatbow Ventari's Greatbow 500 Longbow
Verata's Sinister Inscription Verata's Sinister Inscription 500 Inscription
Tizlak's Short Bow Tizlak's Short Bow 500 Shortbow
Scope Scope 500 Legendary Component
Prototype Prototype 500 Legendary Component
Tizlak's Harpoon Gun Tizlak's Harpoon Gun 500 Speargun
Weaponized Cured Thick Leather Square Weaponized Cured Thick Leather Square 500 Component
The Twins' Greatbow The Twins' Greatbow 500 Longbow
Nadijeh's Harpoon Gun Nadijeh's Harpoon Gun 500 Speargun