Crafting recipes for Huntsman

2135 results
Name Level asc Type
Hronk's Short Bow Hronk's Short Bow 500 Shortbow
Angchu Musket Angchu Musket 500 Rifle
Hronk's Herald Hronk's Herald 500 Warhorn
Angchu Revolver Angchu Revolver 500 Pistol
Hronk's Greatbow Hronk's Greatbow 500 Longbow
Spiritwood Harpoon Spiritwood Harpoon 500 Component
Occam's Harpoon Gun Occam's Harpoon Gun 500 Speargun
Keeper's Herald Keeper's Herald 500 Warhorn
Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy 500 Refinement
Pruning Shears Pruning Shears 500 Legendary Component
Maklain's Musket Maklain's Musket 500 Rifle
Laranthir's Brazier Laranthir's Brazier 500 Torch
First Order Mist Frame First Order Mist Frame 500 Legendary Component
Maklain's Greatbow Maklain's Greatbow 500 Longbow
Thackeray's Harpoon Gun Thackeray's Harpoon Gun 500 Speargun
Zehtuka's Harrier Inscription Zehtuka's Harrier Inscription 500 Inscription
Tixx's Brazier Tixx's Brazier 500 Torch
Vision Crystal Vision Crystal 500 Component
Stonecleaver's Valkyrie Inscription Stonecleaver's Valkyrie Inscription 500 Inscription
Beigarth's Brazier Beigarth's Brazier 500 Torch
Ebonmane's Short Bow Ebonmane's Short Bow 500 Shortbow
Beigarth's Musket Beigarth's Musket 500 Rifle
Ebonmane's Herald Ebonmane's Herald 500 Warhorn
Beigarth's Revolver Beigarth's Revolver 500 Pistol
Ebonmane's Greatbow Ebonmane's Greatbow 500 Longbow
Deldrimor Steel Torch Head Deldrimor Steel Torch Head 500 Component
Grizzlemouth's Harpoon Gun Grizzlemouth's Harpoon Gun 500 Speargun
Keeper's Revolver Keeper's Revolver 500 Pistol
Ventari's Musket Ventari's Musket 500 Rifle
Verata's Revolver Verata's Revolver 500 Pistol
Laranthir's Musket Laranthir's Musket 500 Rifle
Ossa's Short Bow Ossa's Short Bow 500 Shortbow
Pahua's Harpoon Gun Pahua's Harpoon Gun 500 Speargun
Yassith's Revolver Yassith's Revolver 500 Pistol
Svaard's Musket Svaard's Musket 500 Rifle
Ossa's Herald Ossa's Herald 500 Warhorn
Fulgurite Fulgurite 500 Component
Pahua's Short Bow Pahua's Short Bow 500 Shortbow
Tigris Tigris 500 Legendary Component
Visionary Inscription Visionary Inscription 500 Legendary Component
Nadijeh's Short Bow Nadijeh's Short Bow 500 Shortbow
Marshal's Stellar Cannon Marshal's Stellar Cannon 500 Rifle
Tixx's Revolver Tixx's Revolver 500 Pistol
Giftbringer's Herald Giftbringer's Herald 500 Warhorn
Steelstar's Greatbow Steelstar's Greatbow 500 Longbow
Zojja's Berserker Inscription Zojja's Berserker Inscription 500 Inscription
Zintl Brazier Zintl Brazier 500 Torch
Zojja's Short Bow Zojja's Short Bow 500 Shortbow
Zintl Musket Zintl Musket 500 Rifle
Zojja's Herald Zojja's Herald 500 Warhorn