Crafting recipes for Scribe

637 results
Name Level asc Type
Super Campfire Super Campfire 200 Guild Decoration
Potted Tall Cypress Potted Tall Cypress 200 Guild Decoration
Thesis on Studied Accuracy Thesis on Studied Accuracy 200 Feast
Super Rock Platform Super Rock Platform 200 Guild Decoration
Super Cliff Face Super Cliff Face 200 Guild Decoration
Guild Ballista Blueprints Guild Ballista Blueprints 200 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Guild Arrow Cart Blueprints Guild Arrow Cart Blueprints 200 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Super Large Rock Super Large Rock 200 Guild Decoration
Super Rock Wall Super Rock Wall 200 Guild Decoration
Schematic: Iron Guards Schematic: Iron Guards 200 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Thesis on Studied Strength Thesis on Studied Strength 200 Feast
Schematic: Turtle Banner Schematic: Turtle Banner 200 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Zephyr Koi Lantern Zephyr Koi Lantern 200 Guild Decoration
Summit Flag Summit Flag 200 Guild Decoration
Large Cube of Snow Large Cube of Snow 200 Guild Decoration
Super Rock Ramp Super Rock Ramp 200 Guild Decoration
Spooky Dining Table Spooky Dining Table 200 Guild Decoration
Bundle of Corn Stalks Bundle of Corn Stalks 200 Guild Decoration
Super Mountain Super Mountain 200 Guild Decoration
Mists Minotaur Statue Mists Minotaur Statue 175 Guild Decoration
Fancy Table Fancy Table 175 Guild Decoration
Square Guild Banquet Table Square Guild Banquet Table 175 Guild Decoration
Potted Djinn's Tongue Potted Djinn's Tongue 175 Guild Decoration
Schematic: Invulnerable Dolyaks Schematic: Invulnerable Dolyaks 175 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Block Topiary Block Topiary 175 Guild Decoration
Square Guild Bar Square Guild Bar 175 Guild Decoration
Festive Streetlamp Festive Streetlamp 175 Guild Decoration
Elonian Railing Elonian Railing 175 Guild Decoration
Schematic: Hardened Gates Schematic: Hardened Gates 175 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Fine Book Cover Fine Book Cover 175 Component
Schematic: Speedy Dolyaks Schematic: Speedy Dolyaks 175 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Guild Gold Gain Banner Schematic Guild Gold Gain Banner Schematic 175 Guild Consumable
Bowl Topiary Bowl Topiary 175 Guild Decoration
Potted Cypress Potted Cypress 175 Guild Decoration
Hemisphere of Snow Hemisphere of Snow 175 Guild Decoration
Potted Croton Potted Croton 175 Guild Decoration
Pew Pew 175 Guild Decoration
Fine Book Fine Book 175 Component
Square Cabinet Square Cabinet 150 Guild Decoration
Resonating Fragment Resonating Fragment 150 Refinement
Worn Arch Worn Arch 150 Guild Decoration
Crystal Block of the Solid Ocean Crystal Block of the Solid Ocean 150 Guild Decoration
Wedge of Snow Wedge of Snow 150 Guild Decoration
Fine Scribing Kit Fine Scribing Kit 150 Component
Bag of Radiant Energy Bag of Radiant Energy 150 Component
Steel Ingot Steel Ingot 150 Refinement
Steel Chisel Steel Chisel 150 Component
Tall Lattice Tall Lattice 150 Guild Decoration
Fine Finishing Kit Fine Finishing Kit 150 Component
Seasoned Wood Plank Seasoned Wood Plank 150 Refinement