Crafting recipes for Scribe

619 results
Name Level asc Type
Thesis on Learned Strength Thesis on Learned Strength 350 Feast
Potted Reaching Gold Fern Potted Reaching Gold Fern 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Red Pirate Flag Red Pirate Flag 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Vault Transport Vault Transport 350 ((crtype_guildconsumable))
Plush Armchair Plush Armchair 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Thesis on Speed Thesis on Speed 350 Feast
Capped Gold Pillar Capped Gold Pillar 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Loaded Wagon Loaded Wagon 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Thin Candlestick Thin Candlestick 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Schematic: Gate Turrets Schematic: Gate Turrets 350 ((crtype_guildconsumablewvw))
Green Pirate Flag Green Pirate Flag 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Gold Firepit Gold Firepit 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Blue Pirate Flag Blue Pirate Flag 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Thesis on Learned Malice Thesis on Learned Malice 350 Feast
Rectangular Planter Rectangular Planter 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Thesis on Learned Accuracy Thesis on Learned Accuracy 350 Feast
Silver White Mantle Abomination Trophy Silver White Mantle Abomination Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Mordremoth Trophy Silver Mordremoth Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Gorseval Trophy Silver Gorseval Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Tequatl Trophy Silver Tequatl Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Triple Trouble Trophy Silver Triple Trouble Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Slothasor Trophy Silver Slothasor Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Sabetha Trophy Silver Sabetha Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Chak Gerent Trophy Silver Chak Gerent Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Shatterer Trophy Silver Shatterer Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Vale Guardian Trophy Silver Vale Guardian Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Siege the Stronghold Trophy Silver Siege the Stronghold Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Keep Construct Trophy Silver Keep Construct Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Xera Trophy Silver Xera Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Mursaat Overseer Trophy Silver Mursaat Overseer Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Samarog Trophy Silver Samarog Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Cairn the Indomitable Trophy Silver Cairn the Indomitable Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Deimos Trophy Silver Deimos Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Elonian Snake Statue Elonian Snake Statue 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Elonian Hawk Statue Elonian Hawk Statue 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver River of Souls Trophy Silver River of Souls Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Statue of Grenth Trophy Silver Statue of Grenth Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Dhuum Trophy Silver Dhuum Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Silver Desmina Trophy Silver Desmina Trophy 350 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Library Shelf Library Shelf 325 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Massive Balloon Bouquet Massive Balloon Bouquet 325 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Green Cushion Green Cushion 325 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Yellow Cushion Yellow Cushion 325 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Elaborate Book Elaborate Book 325 Component
Blue Cushion Blue Cushion 325 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Hedge Planter Hedge Planter 325 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Broken Mast Pole Broken Mast Pole 325 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Gold Pillar Gold Pillar 325 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Potted Bamboo Potted Bamboo 325 ((crtype_guilddecoration))
Potted Bamboo Cluster Potted Bamboo Cluster 325 ((crtype_guilddecoration))