Crafting recipes for Scribe

548 results
Name Level asc Type
Master's Finishing Kit Master's Finishing Kit 300 Component
Bag of Incandescent Blotting Powder Bag of Incandescent Blotting Powder 300 Component
Guild Heroes Banner Schematic Guild Heroes Banner Schematic 300
Resonating Core Resonating Core 300 Refinement
Writ of Learned Accuracy Writ of Learned Accuracy 300 Consumable
Super King Frog Super King Frog 300
Box of Adept Scribing Supplies Box of Adept Scribing Supplies 300 Bulk
Large Block of the Solid Ocean Large Block of the Solid Ocean 300
Wave of the Solid Ocean Wave of the Solid Ocean 300
Large Crystal Block of the Solid Ocean Large Crystal Block of the Solid Ocean 300
Female Norn Holo-Dancer Female Norn Holo-Dancer 300
Spire of the Solid Ocean Spire of the Solid Ocean 300
Male Norn Holo-Dancer Male Norn Holo-Dancer 300
Eternal Flame Eternal Flame 300
Mausoleum Mausoleum 300
Super Forest House Super Forest House 300
Potted Maguuma Lily (Double Bloom) Potted Maguuma Lily (Double Bloom) 275
Elaborate Sandstone Pillar Elaborate Sandstone Pillar 275
Short Guild Banquet Table Short Guild Banquet Table 275
Fancy Round Table Fancy Round Table 275
Short Guild Bar Short Guild Bar 275
Thesis on Calculated Accuracy Thesis on Calculated Accuracy 275 Feast
Human Summit Banner Human Summit Banner 275
Asuran Summit Banner Asuran Summit Banner 275
Potted Slender Fern Tree Potted Slender Fern Tree 275
Thesis on Calculated Malice Thesis on Calculated Malice 275 Feast
Thesis on Calculated Strength Thesis on Calculated Strength 275 Feast
Intricate Scribe's Tools Intricate Scribe's Tools 275 Component
Norn Summit Banner Norn Summit Banner 275
Fire Circle Fire Circle 275
Charr Summit Banner Charr Summit Banner 275
Sylvari Summit Banner Sylvari Summit Banner 275
Thesis on Basic Speed Thesis on Basic Speed 275 Feast
Body Topiary Body Topiary 275
Head Topiary Head Topiary 275
Intricate Scribe's Backpack Intricate Scribe's Backpack 275 Backpack
Snow Maker Snow Maker 275
Large Hemisphere of Snow Large Hemisphere of Snow 275
Sandstone Pillar Sandstone Pillar 250
Broken Sandstone Pillar Broken Sandstone Pillar 250
Potted Shaggy Palm Potted Shaggy Palm 250
Immense Lion Statue Immense Lion Statue 250
Mists Drake Statue Mists Drake Statue 250
Summit Banner Summit Banner 250
Potted Petticoat Palm Potted Petticoat Palm 250
Rustic Brazier Rustic Brazier 250
Empty Square Planter Empty Square Planter 250
Fine Armor Stand Fine Armor Stand 250
Potted Fern Tree Potted Fern Tree 250
Potted Lady Palm Potted Lady Palm 250