Crafting recipes for Tailor

1691 results
Name Level asc Type
Wei Qi's Breeches Wei Qi's Breeches 500 Leggings
Zojja's Wristguards Zojja's Wristguards 500 Gloves
Occam's Footwear Occam's Footwear 500 Boots
Ahamid's Epaulets Ahamid's Epaulets 500 Shoulders
Occam's Masque Occam's Masque 500 Helm
Ahamid's Doublet Ahamid's Doublet 500 Coat
Verata's Footwear Verata's Footwear 500 Boots
Svaard's Wristguards Svaard's Wristguards 500 Gloves
Jeweled Damask Patch Jeweled Damask Patch 500 Refinement
Tateos's Cloth Breather Tateos's Cloth Breather 500 Helm
Svaard's Marauder Insignia Svaard's Marauder Insignia 500 Insignia
Thackeray's Pants Thackeray's Pants 500 Leggings
28-Slot Courier's Saddlebag 28-Slot Courier's Saddlebag 500 Bag
32-Slot Courier's Saddlebag 32-Slot Courier's Saddlebag 500 Bag
Zojja's Berserker Insignia Zojja's Berserker Insignia 500 Insignia
Damask Gloves Panel Damask Gloves Panel 500 Component
Occam's Breeches Occam's Breeches 500 Leggings
Ahamid's Wristguards Ahamid's Wristguards 500 Gloves
Ferratus's Footwear Ferratus's Footwear 500 Boots
Forgemaster's Epaulets Forgemaster's Epaulets 500 Shoulders
Ferratus's Masque Ferratus's Masque 500 Helm
Forgemaster's Doublet Forgemaster's Doublet 500 Coat
Heat Stone Heat Stone 500 Component
Yassith's Masque Yassith's Masque 500 Helm
Wupwup Cloth Breather Wupwup Cloth Breather 500 Helm
Zojja's Cloth Breather Zojja's Cloth Breather 500 Helm
Zintl Cloth Breather Zintl Cloth Breather 500 Helm
Laranthir's Footwear Laranthir's Footwear 500 Boots
Yassith's Breeches Yassith's Breeches 500 Leggings
Thackeray's Epaulets Thackeray's Epaulets 500 Shoulders
24-Slot Gossamer Saddlebag 24-Slot Gossamer Saddlebag 500 Bag
Gobrech's Valkyrie Insignia Gobrech's Valkyrie Insignia 500 Insignia
Damask Helm Padding Damask Helm Padding 500 Component
Ferratus's Breeches Ferratus's Breeches 500 Leggings
Forgemaster's Wristguards Forgemaster's Wristguards 500 Gloves
Ornate Guild Pants Ornate Guild Pants 450 Leggings
Gossamer Stuffing Gossamer Stuffing 450 Component
Spool of Silk Weaving Thread Spool of Silk Weaving Thread 450 Ectoplasm Refinement
Lump of Mithrillium Lump of Mithrillium 450 Ectoplasm Refinement
Spool of Thick Elonian Cord Spool of Thick Elonian Cord 450 Ectoplasm Refinement
Ornate Guild Mantle Ornate Guild Mantle 450 Shoulders
Ornate Guild Gloves Ornate Guild Gloves 450 Gloves
Ornate Guild Shoes Ornate Guild Shoes 450 Boots
Ornate Guild Cowl Ornate Guild Cowl 450 Helm
Elonian Leather Square Elonian Leather Square 450 Refinement
Ornate Guild Vestments Ornate Guild Vestments 450 Coat
Bolt of Damask Bolt of Damask 450 Refinement
Bloodstone Brick Bloodstone Brick 450 Obsidian Refinement
Dragonite Ingot Dragonite Ingot 450 Obsidian Refinement
Empyreal Star Empyreal Star 450 Obsidian Refinement