Crafting recipes for Armorsmith

1857 results
Name Level Type desc
Mithril Gauntlet Lining Mithril Gauntlet Lining 300 Component
Bronze Chain Boot Panel Bronze Chain Boot Panel 0 Component
Bronze Chain Chest Panel Bronze Chain Chest Panel 0 Component
Bronze Chain Glove Panel Bronze Chain Glove Panel 0 Component
Bronze Chain Leggings Panel Bronze Chain Leggings Panel 0 Component
Bronze Chain Boot Lining Bronze Chain Boot Lining 0 Component
Bronze Chain Chest Padding Bronze Chain Chest Padding 0 Component
Bronze Chain Legging Lining Bronze Chain Legging Lining 0 Component
Bronze Helmet Casing Bronze Helmet Casing 25 Component
Bronze Helmet Lining Bronze Helmet Lining 25 Component
Bronze Pauldron Casing Bronze Pauldron Casing 50 Component
Bronze Chain Glove Lining Bronze Chain Glove Lining 0 Component
Bronze Pauldron Lining Bronze Pauldron Lining 50 Component
Iron Casque Casing Iron Casque Casing 75 Component
Iron Pauldron Casing Iron Pauldron Casing 75 Component
Iron Scale Armguard Panel Iron Scale Armguard Panel 75 Component
Iron Scale Boot Panel Iron Scale Boot Panel 75 Component
Mithril Helmet Lining Mithril Helmet Lining 300 Component
Mithril Pauldron Lining Mithril Pauldron Lining 300 Component
Mithril Helmet Casing Mithril Helmet Casing 300 Component
Orichalcum Gauntlet Lining Orichalcum Gauntlet Lining 400 Component
Orichalcum Helmet Lining Orichalcum Helmet Lining 400 Component
Orichalcum Legging Lining Orichalcum Legging Lining 400 Component
Orichalcum Pauldron Lining Orichalcum Pauldron Lining 400 Component
Orichalcum Pauldron Casing Orichalcum Pauldron Casing 400 Component
Orichalcum Legging Panel Orichalcum Legging Panel 400 Component
Orichalcum Chestplate Padding Orichalcum Chestplate Padding 400 Component
Orichalcum Helmet Casing Orichalcum Helmet Casing 400 Component
Orichalcum Gauntlet Plates Orichalcum Gauntlet Plates 400 Component
Orichalcum Boot Lining Orichalcum Boot Lining 400 Component
Orichalcum Boot Casing Orichalcum Boot Casing 400 Component
Orichalcum Chestplate Panel Orichalcum Chestplate Panel 400 Component
Mithril Legging Panel Mithril Legging Panel 300 Component
Mithril Gauntlet Plates Mithril Gauntlet Plates 300 Component
Mithril Chestplate Panel Mithril Chestplate Panel 300 Component
Mithril Boot Lining Mithril Boot Lining 300 Component
Mithril Boot Casing Mithril Boot Casing 300 Component
Iron Scale Chest Panel Iron Scale Chest Panel 75 Component
Darksteel Pauldron Lining Darksteel Pauldron Lining 225 Component
Darksteel Chestplate Panel Darksteel Chestplate Panel 225 Component
Steel Splint Helmet Lining Steel Splint Helmet Lining 150 Component
Darksteel Gauntlet Plates Darksteel Gauntlet Plates 225 Component
Darksteel Legging Panel Darksteel Legging Panel 225 Component
Mithril Chestplate Padding Mithril Chestplate Padding 300 Component
Gift of Entertainment Gift of Entertainment 400 Component
Steel Splint Gauntlet Lining Steel Splint Gauntlet Lining 150 Component
Steel Splint Chestplate Padding Steel Splint Chestplate Padding 150 Component
Steel Splint Pauldron Lining Steel Splint Pauldron Lining 150 Component
Darksteel Boot Casing Darksteel Boot Casing 225 Component
Steel Splint Legging Lining Steel Splint Legging Lining 150 Component