Crafting recipes for Artificer

1640 results
Name Level desc Type
Strong Potion of Ogre Slaying Strong Potion of Ogre Slaying 275 Potion
Strong Potion of Undead Slaying Strong Potion of Undead Slaying 275 Potion
Carrion Ogre Effigy Carrion Ogre Effigy 275 Focus
Cleric's Ogre Effigy Cleric's Ogre Effigy 275 Focus
Assassin's Ogre Effigy Assassin's Ogre Effigy 275 Focus
Valkyrie Ogre Effigy Valkyrie Ogre Effigy 275 Focus
Berserker's Ogre Effigy Berserker's Ogre Effigy 275 Focus
Rampager's Ogre Effigy Rampager's Ogre Effigy 275 Focus
Knight's Ogre Effigy Knight's Ogre Effigy 275 Focus
Carrion Ogre Truncheon Carrion Ogre Truncheon 275 Scepter
Cleric's Ogre Truncheon Cleric's Ogre Truncheon 275 Scepter
Assassin's Ogre Truncheon Assassin's Ogre Truncheon 275 Scepter
Valkyrie Ogre Truncheon Valkyrie Ogre Truncheon 275 Scepter
Berserker's Ogre Truncheon Berserker's Ogre Truncheon 275 Scepter
Rampager's Ogre Truncheon Rampager's Ogre Truncheon 275 Scepter
Knight's Ogre Truncheon Knight's Ogre Truncheon 275 Scepter
Carrion Ogre Warstaff Carrion Ogre Warstaff 275 Staff
Cleric's Ogre Warstaff Cleric's Ogre Warstaff 275 Staff
Assassin's Ogre Warstaff Assassin's Ogre Warstaff 275 Staff
Valkyrie Ogre Warstaff Valkyrie Ogre Warstaff 275 Staff
Berserker's Ogre Warstaff Berserker's Ogre Warstaff 275 Staff
Rampager's Ogre Warstaff Rampager's Ogre Warstaff 275 Staff
Knight's Ogre Warstaff Knight's Ogre Warstaff 275 Staff
Carrion Ogre Trident Carrion Ogre Trident 275 Trident
Cleric's Ogre Trident Cleric's Ogre Trident 275 Trident
Assassin's Ogre Trident Assassin's Ogre Trident 275 Trident
Valkyrie Ogre Trident Valkyrie Ogre Trident 275 Trident
Berserker's Ogre Trident Berserker's Ogre Trident 275 Trident
Rampager's Ogre Trident Rampager's Ogre Trident 275 Trident
Knight's Ogre Trident Knight's Ogre Trident 275 Trident
Assassin's Godskull Effigy Assassin's Godskull Effigy 275 Focus
Assassin's Godskull Cesta Assassin's Godskull Cesta 275 Scepter
Assassin's Godskull Crosier Assassin's Godskull Crosier 275 Staff
Assassin's Godskull Trihorn Assassin's Godskull Trihorn 275 Trident
Strong Potion of Halloween Slaying Strong Potion of Halloween Slaying 275 Potion
Major Sigil of the Night Major Sigil of the Night 275 Updrage
Bringer's Ogre Effigy Bringer's Ogre Effigy 275 Focus
Bringer's Ogre Truncheon Bringer's Ogre Truncheon 275 Scepter
Bringer's Ogre Warstaff Bringer's Ogre Warstaff 275 Staff
Bringer's Ogre Trident Bringer's Ogre Trident 275 Trident
Giver's Darksteel Imbued Inscription Giver's Darksteel Imbued Inscription 275 Inscription
Intricate Artificer's Backpack Intricate Artificer's Backpack 275 Backpack
Intricate Artificer's Tools Intricate Artificer's Tools 275 Component
Elder Wood Plank Elder Wood Plank 300 Refinement
Mithril Ingot Mithril Ingot 300 Refinement
Cured Thick Leather Square Cured Thick Leather Square 300 Refinement
Elder Wood Dowel Elder Wood Dowel 300 Refinement
Carrion Elder Inscription Carrion Elder Inscription 300 Inscription
Knight's Elder Inscription Knight's Elder Inscription 300 Inscription
Valkyrie Elder Inscription Valkyrie Elder Inscription 300 Inscription