Crafting recipes for Artificer

1552 results
Name Level asc Type
Ossa's Trident Ossa's Trident 500 Trident
Thackeray's Spire Thackeray's Spire 500 Trident
Zehtuka's Trident Zehtuka's Trident 500 Trident
Marshal's Stellar Spire Marshal's Stellar Spire 500 Staff
Coalforge's Rampager Inscription Coalforge's Rampager Inscription 500 Inscription
Beigarth's Wand Beigarth's Wand 500 Scepter
Beigarth's Artifact Beigarth's Artifact 500 Focus
Ebonmane's Spire Ebonmane's Spire 500 Staff
Beigarth's Trident Beigarth's Trident 500 Trident
Verata's Sinister Inscription Verata's Sinister Inscription 500 Inscription
Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy 500 Refinement
Pahua's Wand Pahua's Wand 500 Scepter
Pahua's Trailblazer's Inscription Pahua's Trailblazer's Inscription 500 Inscription
Ossa's Wand Ossa's Wand 500 Scepter
Blended Leather Sheet Blended Leather Sheet 500 Refinement
Zehtuka's Wand Zehtuka's Wand 500 Scepter
Tixx's Trident Tixx's Trident 500 Trident
Soros' Assassin Inscription Soros' Assassin Inscription 500 Inscription
Zintl Wand Zintl Wand 500 Scepter
Zintl Artifact Zintl Artifact 500 Focus
Zojja's Spire Zojja's Spire 500 Staff
Zintl Trident Zintl Trident 500 Trident
Keeper's Zealot Inscription Keeper's Zealot Inscription 500 Inscription
Maklain's Trident Maklain's Trident 500 Trident
Second Order Mist Frame Second Order Mist Frame 500 Legendary Component
Yassith's Wand Yassith's Wand 500 Scepter
Harp Harp 500 Legendary Component
First Order Mist Frame First Order Mist Frame 500 Legendary Component
Snake Statue Snake Statue 500 Legendary Component
Fulgurite Fulgurite 500 Component
Vial of Might Vial of Might 500 Refinement
Nadijeh's Artifact Nadijeh's Artifact 500 Focus
Giftbringer's Wand Giftbringer's Wand 500 Scepter
Revenant's Inscription Revenant's Inscription 500 Inscription
Leftpaw's Settler Inscription Leftpaw's Settler Inscription 500 Inscription
Wupwup Wand Wupwup Wand 500 Scepter
Tonn's Wand Tonn's Wand 500 Scepter
Wupwup Artifact Wupwup Artifact 500 Focus
Tonn's Artifact Tonn's Artifact 500 Focus
Chorben's Spire Chorben's Spire 500 Staff
Wupwup Trident Wupwup Trident 500 Trident
Tonn's Trident Tonn's Trident 500 Trident
Ventari's Spire Ventari's Spire 500 Staff
Svaard's Trident Svaard's Trident 500 Trident
The Raven Staff The Raven Staff 500 Legendary Component
Venom Venom 500 Legendary Component
Carved Tear Drop Carved Tear Drop 500 Legendary Component
Jeweled Deldrimor Steel Plated Dowel Jeweled Deldrimor Steel Plated Dowel 500 Refinement
Spinning Mechanism Spinning Mechanism 500 Legendary Component
Vial of Magic Vial of Magic 500 Refinement