Crafting recipes for Artificer

1640 results
Name Level asc Type
Potion of Ogre Slaying Potion of Ogre Slaying 200 Potion
Potion of Undead Slaying Potion of Undead Slaying 200 Potion
Rejuvenating Seasoned Wood Scepter Rejuvenating Seasoned Wood Scepter 200 Scepter
Rejuvenating Seasoned Wood Focus Rejuvenating Seasoned Wood Focus 200 Focus
Rejuvenating Seasoned Wood Staff Rejuvenating Seasoned Wood Staff 200 Staff
Rejuvenating Seasoned Wood Trident Rejuvenating Seasoned Wood Trident 200 Trident
Ravaging Dredge Canary Ravaging Dredge Canary 200 Focus
Rejuvenating Dredge Canary Rejuvenating Dredge Canary 200 Focus
Strong Dredge Canary Strong Dredge Canary 200 Focus
Vigorous Dredge Canary Vigorous Dredge Canary 200 Focus
Hunter's Dredge Canary Hunter's Dredge Canary 200 Focus
Honed Dredge Canary Honed Dredge Canary 200 Focus
Hearty Dredge Canary Hearty Dredge Canary 200 Focus
Ravaging Dredge Baton Ravaging Dredge Baton 200 Scepter
Rejuvenating Dredge Baton Rejuvenating Dredge Baton 200 Scepter
Strong Dredge Baton Strong Dredge Baton 200 Scepter
Vigorous Dredge Baton Vigorous Dredge Baton 200 Scepter
Hunter's Dredge Baton Hunter's Dredge Baton 200 Scepter
Honed Dredge Baton Honed Dredge Baton 200 Scepter
Hearty Dredge Baton Hearty Dredge Baton 200 Scepter
Ravaging Dredge Pillar Ravaging Dredge Pillar 200 Staff
Rejuvenating Dredge Pillar Rejuvenating Dredge Pillar 200 Staff
Strong Dredge Pillar Strong Dredge Pillar 200 Staff
Vigorous Dredge Pillar Vigorous Dredge Pillar 200 Staff
Hunter's Dredge Pillar Hunter's Dredge Pillar 200 Staff
Honed Dredge Pillar Honed Dredge Pillar 200 Staff
Hearty Dredge Pillar Hearty Dredge Pillar 200 Staff
Ravaging Dredge Trident Ravaging Dredge Trident 200 Trident
Rejuvenating Dredge Trident Rejuvenating Dredge Trident 200 Trident
Strong Dredge Trident Strong Dredge Trident 200 Trident
Vigorous Dredge Trident Vigorous Dredge Trident 200 Trident
Hunter's Dredge Trident Hunter's Dredge Trident 200 Trident
Honed Dredge Trident Honed Dredge Trident 200 Trident
Hearty Dredge Trident Hearty Dredge Trident 200 Trident
Potion of Halloween Slaying Potion of Halloween Slaying 200 Potion
Plastic Spider Tonic Plastic Spider Tonic 200 Potion
Ruminant Tonic Ruminant Tonic 200 Potion
Giver's Soft Wood Focus Giver's Soft Wood Focus 200 Focus
Giver's Soft Wood Scepter Giver's Soft Wood Scepter 200 Scepter
Giver's Soft Wood Staff Giver's Soft Wood Staff 200 Staff
Giver's Soft Wood Trident Giver's Soft Wood Trident 200 Trident
Giver's Steel-Plated Inscription Giver's Steel-Plated Inscription 200 Inscription
Strong Seasoned Inscription Strong Seasoned Inscription 175 Inscription
Honed Seasoned Inscription Honed Seasoned Inscription 175 Inscription
Hearty Seasoned Inscription Hearty Seasoned Inscription 175 Inscription
Rejuvenating Seasoned Inscription Rejuvenating Seasoned Inscription 175 Inscription
Strong Seasoned Wood Scepter Strong Seasoned Wood Scepter 175 Scepter
Honed Seasoned Wood Scepter Honed Seasoned Wood Scepter 175 Scepter
Hearty Seasoned Wood Scepter Hearty Seasoned Wood Scepter 175 Scepter
Strong Seasoned Wood Focus Strong Seasoned Wood Focus 175 Focus