Crafting recipes for Artificer

1640 results
Name Level Type desc
Sturdy Artificer's Backpack Sturdy Artificer's Backpack 75 Backpack
Practical Artificer's Backpack Practical Artificer's Backpack 150 Backpack
Ornate Artificer's Backpack Ornate Artificer's Backpack 300 Backpack
Elegant Artificer's Backpack Elegant Artificer's Backpack 400 Backpack
Simple Artificer's Backpack Simple Artificer's Backpack 0 Backpack
Intricate Artificer's Backpack Intricate Artificer's Backpack 275 Backpack
Oiled Ancient Staff Shaft Oiled Ancient Staff Shaft 400 Component
Fulgurite Fulgurite 500 Component
Oiled Ancient Staff Head Oiled Ancient Staff Head 400 Component
Oiled Ancient Focus Core Oiled Ancient Focus Core 400 Component
Tengu Echo Blade Tengu Echo Blade 400 Component
Stormcaller Core Stormcaller Core 400 Component
Gift of Blood Gift of Blood 400 Component
Gift of Fangs Gift of Fangs 400 Component
Gift of Bones Gift of Bones 400 Component
Gift of Dust Gift of Dust 400 Component
Gift of Totems Gift of Totems 400 Component
Fortified Precursor Scepter Core Fortified Precursor Scepter Core 500 Component
Gift of Scales Gift of Scales 400 Component
Gift of Claws Gift of Claws 400 Component
Gift of Venom Gift of Venom 400 Component
Oiled Ancient Scepter Rod Oiled Ancient Scepter Rod 400 Component
Dragon Hatchling Doll Eye Dragon Hatchling Doll Eye 450 Component
Fortified Precursor Focus Core Fortified Precursor Focus Core 500 Component
Oiled Ancient Scepter Core Oiled Ancient Scepter Core 400 Component
Fortified Precursor Focus Casing Fortified Precursor Focus Casing 500 Component
Amalgamated Draconic Lodestone Amalgamated Draconic Lodestone 400 Component
Amalgamated Draconic Lodestone Amalgamated Draconic Lodestone 400 Component
Oiled Ancient Trident Shaft Oiled Ancient Trident Shaft 400 Component
Crystalline Ingot Crystalline Ingot 500 Component
Fortified Precursor Staff Head Fortified Precursor Staff Head 500 Component
Grandmaster Artificer's Mark Grandmaster Artificer's Mark 500 Component
Weaponized Elder Wood Plank Weaponized Elder Wood Plank 500 Component
Transcendent Crystal Transcendent Crystal 500 Component
Fortified Precursor Scepter Rod Fortified Precursor Scepter Rod 500 Component
Fortified Precursor Staff Shaft Fortified Precursor Staff Shaft 500 Component
Oiled Ancient Focus Casing Oiled Ancient Focus Casing 400 Component
Spiritwood Staff Shaft Spiritwood Staff Shaft 500 Component
Deldrimor Steel Trident Head Deldrimor Steel Trident Head 500 Component
Spiritwood Trident Shaft Spiritwood Trident Shaft 500 Component
Spiritwood Staff Head Spiritwood Staff Head 500 Component
Spiritwood Scepter Rod Spiritwood Scepter Rod 500 Component
Vision Crystal Vision Crystal 500 Component
Spiritwood Focus Casing Spiritwood Focus Casing 500 Component
Spiritwood Focus Core Spiritwood Focus Core 500 Component
Spiritwood Scepter Core Spiritwood Scepter Core 500 Component
Sturdy Artificer's Tools Sturdy Artificer's Tools 75 Component
Elegant Artificer's Tools Elegant Artificer's Tools 400 Component
Ornate Artificer's Tools Ornate Artificer's Tools 300 Component
Practical Artificer's Tools Practical Artificer's Tools 150 Component