Crafting recipes for Artificer

1640 results
Name Level Type asc
Sunspear Runestone Sunspear Runestone 400 Focus
Wanderer's Pearl Conch Wanderer's Pearl Conch 400 Focus
Maklain's Artifact Maklain's Artifact 500 Focus
Crusader Auric Focus Crusader Auric Focus 400 Focus
Unfinished Azure Dragon Slayer Focus Unfinished Azure Dragon Slayer Focus 400 Focus
Knight's Auric Focus Knight's Auric Focus 400 Focus
Marshal's Astral Apparatus Marshal's Astral Apparatus 400 Focus
Yassith's Artifact Yassith's Artifact 500 Focus
Mordant Key Mordant Key 400 Focus
Giver's Pearl Conch Giver's Pearl Conch 400 Focus
Ossa's Artifact Ossa's Artifact 500 Focus
Shimmering Focus Shimmering Focus 450 Focus
Illuminated Boreal Focus Illuminated Boreal Focus 400 Focus
Heroic Dragonsblood Focus Heroic Dragonsblood Focus 500 Focus
Svaard's Artifact Svaard's Artifact 500 Focus
Restored Boreal Focus Restored Boreal Focus 400 Focus
Rampager's Auric Focus Rampager's Auric Focus 400 Focus
Thackeray's Focus Thackeray's Focus 500 Focus
Apothecary's Auric Focus Apothecary's Auric Focus 400 Focus
Diviner's Pearl Conch Diviner's Pearl Conch 400 Focus
Tenebrous Focus Tenebrous Focus 450 Focus
Viper's Pearl Conch Viper's Pearl Conch 400 Focus
Dragonsblood Focus Dragonsblood Focus 400 Focus
Assassin's Auric Focus Assassin's Auric Focus 400 Focus
Commander's Dragon Slayer Focus Commander's Dragon Slayer Focus 400 Focus
Vigilant Pearl Conch Vigilant Pearl Conch 400 Focus
Unfinished Crimson Dragon Slayer Focus Unfinished Crimson Dragon Slayer Focus 400 Focus
Marshal's Stellar Apparatus Marshal's Stellar Apparatus 500 Focus
Plaguedoctor's Pearl Conch Plaguedoctor's Pearl Conch 400 Focus
Steelstar's Artifact Steelstar's Artifact 500 Focus
Commander's Pearl Conch Commander's Pearl Conch 400 Focus
The Twins' Artifact The Twins' Artifact 500 Focus
Togo's Artifact Togo's Artifact 500 Focus
Jade Tech Focus Jade Tech Focus 400 Focus
Chorben's Artifact Chorben's Artifact 500 Focus
Tonn's Artifact Tonn's Artifact 500 Focus
Handcrafted Hand Furnace Handcrafted Hand Furnace 425 Focus
Handcrafted Tally Reckoner Handcrafted Tally Reckoner 350 Focus
Soros's Artifact Soros's Artifact 500 Focus
Zintl Artifact Zintl Artifact 500 Focus
Beigarth's Artifact Beigarth's Artifact 500 Focus
Angchu Artifact Angchu Artifact 500 Focus
Leftpaw's Artifact Leftpaw's Artifact 500 Focus
Stonecleaver's Artifact Stonecleaver's Artifact 500 Focus
Coalforge's Artifact Coalforge's Artifact 500 Focus
Handcrafted Bent Circuit Handcrafted Bent Circuit 375 Focus
Handcrafted Nucleus Handcrafted Nucleus 375 Focus
Handcrafted Stagsign Handcrafted Stagsign 400 Focus
Apothecary's Pearl Conch Apothecary's Pearl Conch 400 Focus
Nomad's Pearl Conch Nomad's Pearl Conch 400 Focus