Crafting recipes for Huntsman

2286 results
Name Level asc Type
Ravaging Bandit Longbow Ravaging Bandit Longbow 125 Longbow
Rejuvenating Bandit Longbow Rejuvenating Bandit Longbow 125 Longbow
Honed Bandit Longbow Honed Bandit Longbow 125 Longbow
Hunter's Bandit Longbow Hunter's Bandit Longbow 125 Longbow
Strong Bandit Longbow Strong Bandit Longbow 125 Longbow
Vigorous Bandit Longbow Vigorous Bandit Longbow 125 Longbow
Hearty Bandit Longbow Hearty Bandit Longbow 125 Longbow
Ravaging Bandit Short Bow Ravaging Bandit Short Bow 125 Shortbow
Rejuvenating Bandit Short Bow Rejuvenating Bandit Short Bow 125 Shortbow
Honed Bandit Short Bow Honed Bandit Short Bow 125 Shortbow
Hunter's Bandit Short Bow Hunter's Bandit Short Bow 125 Shortbow
Strong Bandit Short Bow Strong Bandit Short Bow 125 Shortbow
Vigorous Bandit Short Bow Vigorous Bandit Short Bow 125 Shortbow
Hearty Bandit Short Bow Hearty Bandit Short Bow 125 Shortbow
Ravaging Bandit Revolver Ravaging Bandit Revolver 125 Pistol
Rejuvenating Bandit Revolver Rejuvenating Bandit Revolver 125 Pistol
Honed Bandit Revolver Honed Bandit Revolver 125 Pistol
Hunter's Bandit Revolver Hunter's Bandit Revolver 125 Pistol
Strong Bandit Revolver Strong Bandit Revolver 125 Pistol
Vigorous Bandit Revolver Vigorous Bandit Revolver 125 Pistol
Hearty Bandit Revolver Hearty Bandit Revolver 125 Pistol
Ravaging Bandit Musket Ravaging Bandit Musket 125 Rifle
Rejuvenating Bandit Musket Rejuvenating Bandit Musket 125 Rifle
Honed Bandit Musket Honed Bandit Musket 125 Rifle
Hunter's Bandit Musket Hunter's Bandit Musket 125 Rifle
Strong Bandit Musket Strong Bandit Musket 125 Rifle
Vigorous Bandit Musket Vigorous Bandit Musket 125 Rifle
Hearty Bandit Musket Hearty Bandit Musket 125 Rifle
Ravaging Bandit Harpoon Gun Ravaging Bandit Harpoon Gun 125 Speargun
Rejuvenating Bandit Harpoon Gun Rejuvenating Bandit Harpoon Gun 125 Speargun
Honed Bandit Harpoon Gun Honed Bandit Harpoon Gun 125 Speargun
Hunter's Bandit Harpoon Gun Hunter's Bandit Harpoon Gun 125 Speargun
Strong Bandit Harpoon Gun Strong Bandit Harpoon Gun 125 Speargun
Vigorous Bandit Harpoon Gun Vigorous Bandit Harpoon Gun 125 Speargun
Hearty Bandit Harpoon Gun Hearty Bandit Harpoon Gun 125 Speargun
Ravaging Bandit Torch Ravaging Bandit Torch 125 Torch
Rejuvenating Bandit Torch Rejuvenating Bandit Torch 125 Torch
Honed Bandit Torch Honed Bandit Torch 125 Torch
Hunter's Bandit Torch Hunter's Bandit Torch 125 Torch
Strong Bandit Torch Strong Bandit Torch 125 Torch
Vigorous Bandit Torch Vigorous Bandit Torch 125 Torch
Hearty Bandit Torch Hearty Bandit Torch 125 Torch
Ravaging Bandit Bugle Ravaging Bandit Bugle 125 Warhorn
Rejuvenating Bandit Bugle Rejuvenating Bandit Bugle 125 Warhorn
Honed Bandit Bugle Honed Bandit Bugle 125 Warhorn
Hunter's Bandit Bugle Hunter's Bandit Bugle 125 Warhorn
Strong Bandit Bugle Strong Bandit Bugle 125 Warhorn
Vigorous Bandit Bugle Vigorous Bandit Bugle 125 Warhorn
Hearty Bandit Bugle Hearty Bandit Bugle 125 Warhorn
Minor Sigil of Paralyzation Minor Sigil of Paralyzation 125 Updrage