Crafting recipes for Huntsman

2284 results
Name desc Level Type
Experimental Torch Handle Experimental Torch Handle 450 Legendary Component
Experimental Torch Head Experimental Torch Head 450 Legendary Component
Experimental Warhorn Mouthpiece Experimental Warhorn Mouthpiece 450 Legendary Component
Filtered Honey Filtered Honey 400 Legendary Component
Finely Tuned Firing Pin Finely Tuned Firing Pin 500 Legendary Component
Finite Result Finite Result 500 Legendary Component
Finite Wings Finite Wings 500 Legendary Component
First Order Mist Frame First Order Mist Frame 500 Legendary Component
Fish Figurine Fish Figurine 500 Legendary Component
Flask of Pumpkin Oil Flask of Pumpkin Oil 400 Consumable
Forgotten Brilliance Forgotten Brilliance 450 Legendary Component
Fortified Precursor Horn Fortified Precursor Horn 500 Component
Fortified Precursor Longbow Stave Fortified Precursor Longbow Stave 500 Component
Fortified Precursor Pistol Barrel Fortified Precursor Pistol Barrel 500 Component
Fortified Precursor Pistol Frame Fortified Precursor Pistol Frame 500 Component
Fortified Precursor Rifle Barrel Fortified Precursor Rifle Barrel 500 Component
Fortified Precursor Rifle Stock Fortified Precursor Rifle Stock 500 Component
Fortified Precursor Short Bow Stave Fortified Precursor Short Bow Stave 500 Component
Fortified Precursor String Fortified Precursor String 500 Component
Fortified Precursor Torch Handle Fortified Precursor Torch Handle 500 Component
Fortified Precursor Torch Head Fortified Precursor Torch Head 500 Component
Fortified Precursor Warhorn Mouthpiece Fortified Precursor Warhorn Mouthpiece 500 Component
Frigate Frigate 450 Legendary Component
Fuel for the Fire Fuel for the Fire 500 Legendary Component
Fulgurite Fulgurite 500 Component
Furious Maintenance Oil Furious Maintenance Oil 450 Consumable
Gift of Blood Gift of Blood 400 Component
Gift of Bones Gift of Bones 400 Component
Gift of Claws Gift of Claws 400 Component
Gift of Dust Gift of Dust 400 Component
Gift of Fangs Gift of Fangs 400 Component
Gift of Scales Gift of Scales 400 Component
Gift of Spiders Gift of Spiders 400 Updrage
Gift of Totems Gift of Totems 400 Component
Gift of Venom Gift of Venom 400 Component
Gift of Wood Gift of Wood 400 Component
Giftbringer's Brazier Giftbringer's Brazier 500 Torch
Giftbringer's Greatbow Giftbringer's Greatbow 500 Longbow
Giftbringer's Harpoon Gun Giftbringer's Harpoon Gun 500 Speargun
Giftbringer's Herald Giftbringer's Herald 500 Warhorn
Giftbringer's Inscription Giftbringer's Inscription 500 Inscription
Giftbringer's Musket Giftbringer's Musket 500 Rifle
Giftbringer's Revolver Giftbringer's Revolver 500 Pistol
Giftbringer's Short Bow Giftbringer's Short Bow 500 Shortbow
Giver's Bronze Pistol Giver's Bronze Pistol 25 Pistol
Giver's Bronze Rifle Giver's Bronze Rifle 25 Rifle
Giver's Darksteel Imbued Inscription Giver's Darksteel Imbued Inscription 275 Inscription
Giver's Green Inscription Giver's Green Inscription 25 Inscription
Giver's Green Wood Harpoon Gun Giver's Green Wood Harpoon Gun 25 Speargun
Giver's Green Wood Longbow Giver's Green Wood Longbow 25 Longbow