Crafting recipes for Huntsman

2284 results
Name desc Level Type
Ineffable Orichalcum Plated Inscription Ineffable Orichalcum Plated Inscription 425 Inscription
Ineffable Seasoned Inscription Ineffable Seasoned Inscription 350 Inscription
Infused Tiger Food Infused Tiger Food 400 Legendary Component
Infused Tiger Milk Infused Tiger Milk 400 Legendary Component
Infused Tiger Supplements Infused Tiger Supplements 400 Legendary Component
Inscription of the Spearmarshal Inscription of the Spearmarshal 400 Inscription
Intricate Huntsman's Backpack Intricate Huntsman's Backpack 275 Backpack
Intricate Huntsman's Tools Intricate Huntsman's Tools 275 Component
Iron Horn Iron Horn 75 Component
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot 75 Refinement
Iron Legion Longshot Iron Legion Longshot 400 Rifle
Iron Legion Pistol Iron Legion Pistol 400 Pistol
Iron Pistol Barrel Iron Pistol Barrel 75 Component
Iron Plated Dowel Iron Plated Dowel 125 Refinement
Iron Rifle Barrel Iron Rifle Barrel 75 Component
Iron Torch Head Iron Torch Head 75 Component
Iron Warhorn Mouthpiece Iron Warhorn Mouthpiece 75 Component
Irradiated Pistol Irradiated Pistol 20 Pistol
Jade Punk Longbow Jade Punk Longbow 500 Longbow
Jade Punk Pistol Jade Punk Pistol 500 Pistol
Jade Punk Rifle Jade Punk Rifle 500 Rifle
Jade Punk Short Bow Jade Punk Short Bow 500 Shortbow
Jade Punk Torch Jade Punk Torch 500 Torch
Jade Punk Warhorn Jade Punk Warhorn 500 Warhorn
Jade Tech Longbow Jade Tech Longbow 400 Longbow
Jade Tech Pistol Jade Tech Pistol 400 Pistol
Jade Tech Rifle Jade Tech Rifle 400 Rifle
Jade Tech Short Bow Jade Tech Short Bow 400 Shortbow
Jade Tech Torch Jade Tech Torch 400 Torch
Jade Tech Warhorn Jade Tech Warhorn 400 Warhorn
Jar of Luminesce Polish Jar of Luminesce Polish 400 Legendary Component
Jar of Pink Paint Jar of Pink Paint 500 Legendary Component
Jeweled Deldrimor Steel Plated Dowel Jeweled Deldrimor Steel Plated Dowel 500 Refinement
Journeyman Maintenance Oil Journeyman Maintenance Oil 75 Consumable
Keeper's Brazier Keeper's Brazier 500 Torch
Keeper's Greatbow Keeper's Greatbow 500 Longbow
Keeper's Harpoon Gun Keeper's Harpoon Gun 500 Speargun
Keeper's Herald Keeper's Herald 500 Warhorn
Keeper's Musket Keeper's Musket 500 Rifle
Keeper's Revolver Keeper's Revolver 500 Pistol
Keeper's Short Bow Keeper's Short Bow 500 Shortbow
Keeper's Zealot Inscription Keeper's Zealot Inscription 500 Inscription
Knight's Auric Longbow Knight's Auric Longbow 400 Longbow
Knight's Auric Pistol Knight's Auric Pistol 400 Pistol
Knight's Auric Rifle Knight's Auric Rifle 400 Rifle
Knight's Auric Short Bow Knight's Auric Short Bow 400 Shortbow
Knight's Auric Torch Knight's Auric Torch 400 Torch
Knight's Auric Warhorn Knight's Auric Warhorn 400 Warhorn
Knight's Charged Stormcaller Rifle Knight's Charged Stormcaller Rifle 400 Rifle
Knight's Darksteel Imbued Inscription Knight's Darksteel Imbued Inscription 275 Inscription