Crafting recipes for Huntsman

2284 results
Name desc Level Type
Valkyrie Pearl Blunderbuss Valkyrie Pearl Blunderbuss 400 Rifle
Valkyrie Pearl Brazier Valkyrie Pearl Brazier 400 Torch
Valkyrie Pearl Handcannon Valkyrie Pearl Handcannon 400 Pistol
Valkyrie Pearl Needler Valkyrie Pearl Needler 400 Shortbow
Valkyrie Pearl Siren Valkyrie Pearl Siren 400 Warhorn
Valkyrie Pearl Speargun Valkyrie Pearl Speargun 400 Speargun
Valkyrie Pearl Stinger Valkyrie Pearl Stinger 400 Longbow
Ventari's Brazier Ventari's Brazier 500 Torch
Ventari's Greatbow Ventari's Greatbow 500 Longbow
Ventari's Harpoon Gun Ventari's Harpoon Gun 500 Speargun
Ventari's Herald Ventari's Herald 500 Warhorn
Ventari's Musket Ventari's Musket 500 Rifle
Ventari's Nomad Inscription Ventari's Nomad Inscription 500 Inscription
Ventari's Revolver Ventari's Revolver 500 Pistol
Ventari's Short Bow Ventari's Short Bow 500 Shortbow
Verata's Brazier Verata's Brazier 500 Torch
Verata's Greatbow Verata's Greatbow 500 Longbow
Verata's Harpoon Gun Verata's Harpoon Gun 500 Speargun
Verata's Herald Verata's Herald 500 Warhorn
Verata's Musket Verata's Musket 500 Rifle
Verata's Revolver Verata's Revolver 500 Pistol
Verata's Short Bow Verata's Short Bow 500 Shortbow
Verata's Sinister Inscription Verata's Sinister Inscription 500 Inscription
Vial of Green Goo Vial of Green Goo 400 Component
Vial of Healing Breath Vial of Healing Breath 400 Legendary Component
Vial of Linseed Oil Vial of Linseed Oil 0 Refinement
Vial of Magic Vial of Magic 500 Refinement
Vial of Might Vial of Might 500 Refinement
Vial of Potent Hylek Poison Vial of Potent Hylek Poison 400 Legendary Component
Vigilant Orichalcum Imbued Inscription Vigilant Orichalcum Imbued Inscription 400 Inscription
Vigilant Pearl Blunderbuss Vigilant Pearl Blunderbuss 400 Rifle
Vigilant Pearl Brazier Vigilant Pearl Brazier 400 Torch
Vigilant Pearl Handcannon Vigilant Pearl Handcannon 400 Pistol
Vigilant Pearl Needler Vigilant Pearl Needler 400 Shortbow
Vigilant Pearl Siren Vigilant Pearl Siren 400 Warhorn
Vigilant Pearl Speargun Vigilant Pearl Speargun 400 Speargun
Vigilant Pearl Stinger Vigilant Pearl Stinger 400 Longbow
Vigorous Bandit Bugle Vigorous Bandit Bugle 125 Warhorn
Vigorous Bandit Harpoon Gun Vigorous Bandit Harpoon Gun 125 Speargun
Vigorous Bandit Longbow Vigorous Bandit Longbow 125 Longbow
Vigorous Bandit Musket Vigorous Bandit Musket 125 Rifle
Vigorous Bandit Revolver Vigorous Bandit Revolver 125 Pistol
Vigorous Bandit Short Bow Vigorous Bandit Short Bow 125 Shortbow
Vigorous Bandit Torch Vigorous Bandit Torch 125 Torch
Vigorous Dredge Boomstick Vigorous Dredge Boomstick 200 Rifle
Vigorous Dredge Double Horn Vigorous Dredge Double Horn 200 Warhorn
Vigorous Dredge Firearm Vigorous Dredge Firearm 200 Pistol
Vigorous Dredge Harpoon Gun Vigorous Dredge Harpoon Gun 200 Speargun
Vigorous Dredge Lamp Vigorous Dredge Lamp 200 Torch
Vigorous Dredge Reflex Bow Vigorous Dredge Reflex Bow 200 Longbow