Crafting recipes for Huntsman

2284 results
Name asc Level Type
Sinister Pearl Siren Sinister Pearl Siren 400 Warhorn
Sinister Pearl Needler Sinister Pearl Needler 400 Shortbow
Sinister Pearl Handcannon Sinister Pearl Handcannon 400 Pistol
Sinister Pearl Brazier Sinister Pearl Brazier 400 Torch
Sinister Pearl Blunderbuss Sinister Pearl Blunderbuss 400 Rifle
Sinister Orichalcum Imbued Inscription Sinister Orichalcum Imbued Inscription 400 Inscription
Simple Huntsman's Tools Simple Huntsman's Tools 0 Component
Simple Huntsman's Backpack Simple Huntsman's Backpack 0 Backpack
Shimmering Warhorn Shimmering Warhorn 450 Warhorn
Shimmering Torch Shimmering Torch 450 Torch
Shimmering Short Bow Shimmering Short Bow 450 Shortbow
Shimmering Rifle Shimmering Rifle 450 Rifle
Shimmering Pistol Shimmering Pistol 450 Pistol
Shimmering Longbow Shimmering Longbow 450 Longbow
Sheet of Charged Ambrite Sheet of Charged Ambrite 400 Refinement
Sheet of Ambrite Sheet of Ambrite 400 Refinement
Shard of Spero Shard of Spero 450 Legendary Component
Shard of Liturgy Shard of Liturgy 450 Legendary Component
Shard of Call of the Void Shard of Call of the Void 450 Legendary Component
Shard o' War Shard o' War 450 Legendary Component
Shaman's Pearl Stinger Shaman's Pearl Stinger 400 Longbow
Shaman's Pearl Speargun Shaman's Pearl Speargun 400 Speargun
Shaman's Pearl Siren Shaman's Pearl Siren 400 Warhorn
Shaman's Pearl Needler Shaman's Pearl Needler 400 Shortbow
Shaman's Pearl Handcannon Shaman's Pearl Handcannon 400 Pistol
Shaman's Pearl Brazier Shaman's Pearl Brazier 400 Torch
Shaman's Pearl Blunderbuss Shaman's Pearl Blunderbuss 400 Rifle
Settler's Pearl Stinger Settler's Pearl Stinger 400 Longbow
Settler's Pearl Speargun Settler's Pearl Speargun 400 Speargun
Settler's Pearl Siren Settler's Pearl Siren 400 Warhorn
Settler's Pearl Needler Settler's Pearl Needler 400 Shortbow
Settler's Pearl Handcannon Settler's Pearl Handcannon 400 Pistol
Settler's Pearl Brazier Settler's Pearl Brazier 400 Torch
Settler's Pearl Blunderbuss Settler's Pearl Blunderbuss 400 Rifle
Settler's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription Settler's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription 400 Inscription
Seraph Pearl Stinger Seraph Pearl Stinger 400 Longbow
Seraph Pearl Speargun Seraph Pearl Speargun 400 Speargun
Seraph Pearl Siren Seraph Pearl Siren 400 Warhorn
Seraph Pearl Needler Seraph Pearl Needler 400 Shortbow
Seraph Pearl Handcannon Seraph Pearl Handcannon 400 Pistol
Seraph Pearl Brazier Seraph Pearl Brazier 400 Torch
Seraph Pearl Blunderbuss Seraph Pearl Blunderbuss 400 Rifle
Sentinel's Pearl Stinger Sentinel's Pearl Stinger 400 Longbow
Sentinel's Pearl Speargun Sentinel's Pearl Speargun 400 Speargun
Sentinel's Pearl Siren Sentinel's Pearl Siren 400 Warhorn
Sentinel's Pearl Needler Sentinel's Pearl Needler 400 Shortbow
Sentinel's Pearl Handcannon Sentinel's Pearl Handcannon 400 Pistol
Sentinel's Pearl Brazier Sentinel's Pearl Brazier 400 Torch
Sentinel's Pearl Blunderbuss Sentinel's Pearl Blunderbuss 400 Rifle
Sentinel's Mithril Rifle Sentinel's Mithril Rifle 325 Rifle