Crafting recipes for Huntsman

2284 results
Name Level Type desc
Strong Iron Pistol Strong Iron Pistol 100 Pistol
Honed Iron Pistol Honed Iron Pistol 100 Pistol
Hearty Iron Pistol Hearty Iron Pistol 100 Pistol
Ravaging Iron Pistol Ravaging Iron Pistol 125 Pistol
Hunter's Iron Pistol Hunter's Iron Pistol 125 Pistol
Strong Iron Pistol Strong Iron Pistol 125 Pistol
Vigorous Iron Pistol Vigorous Iron Pistol 125 Pistol
Honed Iron Pistol Honed Iron Pistol 125 Pistol
Deldrimor Steel Plated Dowel Deldrimor Steel Plated Dowel 500 Refinement
Sheet of Charged Ambrite Sheet of Charged Ambrite 400 Refinement
Deldrimor Steel Ingot Deldrimor Steel Ingot 450 Refinement
Watchwork Mechanism Watchwork Mechanism 400 Refinement
Sheet of Ambrite Sheet of Ambrite 400 Refinement
Elonian Leather Square Elonian Leather Square 450 Refinement
Spiritwood Plank Spiritwood Plank 450 Refinement
Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy 500 Refinement
Auric Ingot Auric Ingot 400 Refinement
Charged Fossil Charged Fossil 400 Refinement
Exalted Torch Core Exalted Torch Core 400 Refinement
Ancient Wood Plank Ancient Wood Plank 400 Refinement
Green Wood Plank Green Wood Plank 0 Refinement
Cured Thick Leather Square Cured Thick Leather Square 300 Refinement
Soft Wood Plank Soft Wood Plank 75 Refinement
Cured Hardened Leather Square Cured Hardened Leather Square 400 Refinement
Green Wood Dowel Green Wood Dowel 0 Refinement
Bronze Plated Dowel Bronze Plated Dowel 50 Refinement
Soft Wood Dowel Soft Wood Dowel 75 Refinement
Iron Plated Dowel Iron Plated Dowel 125 Refinement
Seasoned Wood Dowel Seasoned Wood Dowel 150 Refinement
Steel Plated Dowel Steel Plated Dowel 200 Refinement
Elder Wood Dowel Elder Wood Dowel 300 Refinement
Green Wood Plank Green Wood Plank 0 Refinement
Cured Thin Leather Square Cured Thin Leather Square 75 Refinement
Orichalcum Plated Dowel Orichalcum Plated Dowel 400 Refinement
Mithril Plated Dowel Mithril Plated Dowel 350 Refinement
Mithril Ingot Mithril Ingot 300 Refinement
Darksteel Plated Dowel Darksteel Plated Dowel 275 Refinement
Hard Wood Dowel Hard Wood Dowel 225 Refinement
Cured Rugged Leather Square Cured Rugged Leather Square 225 Refinement
Steel Ingot Steel Ingot 150 Refinement
Seasoned Wood Plank Seasoned Wood Plank 150 Refinement
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot 75 Refinement
Bronze Ingot Bronze Ingot 0 Refinement
Orichalcum Ingot Orichalcum Ingot 400 Refinement
Darksteel Ingot Darksteel Ingot 225 Refinement
Stretched Rawhide Leather Square Stretched Rawhide Leather Square 0 Refinement
Cured Coarse Leather Square Cured Coarse Leather Square 150 Refinement
Hard Wood Plank Hard Wood Plank 225 Refinement
Elder Wood Plank Elder Wood Plank 300 Refinement
Purified Kryptis Essence Purified Kryptis Essence 400 Refinement