Crafting recipes for Leatherworker

1951 results
Name Level Type desc
Vial of Linseed Oil Vial of Linseed Oil 0 Refinement
Prismatium Ingot Prismatium Ingot 400 Refinement
Jute Patch Jute Patch 50 Refinement
Pulsing Brandspark Pulsing Brandspark 400 Refinement
Olmakhan Charm Olmakhan Charm 400 Refinement
Spool of Silk Weaving Thread Spool of Silk Weaving Thread 450 Ectoplasm Refinement
Spool of Thick Elonian Cord Spool of Thick Elonian Cord 450 Ectoplasm Refinement
Lump of Mithrillium Lump of Mithrillium 450 Ectoplasm Refinement
Dragonite Ingot Dragonite Ingot 450 Obsidian Refinement
Bloodstone Brick Bloodstone Brick 450 Obsidian Refinement
Empyreal Star Empyreal Star 450 Obsidian Refinement
Lunatic Noble Shoulders Lunatic Noble Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Suun's Shoulderguard Suun's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Maklain's Shoulderguard Maklain's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Crusader Emblazoned Shoulders Crusader Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Dragon's Jade Tech Medium Shoulderpads Dragon's Jade Tech Medium Shoulderpads 400 Shoulders
Commander's Emblazoned Shoulders Commander's Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Laranthir's Shoulderguard Laranthir's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Vigilant Emblazoned Shoulders Vigilant Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Marauder Emblazoned Shoulders Marauder Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Warbeast Shoulderpads Warbeast Shoulderpads 400 Shoulders
Tizlak's Shoulderguard Tizlak's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Zehtuka's Shoulderguard Zehtuka's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Spearmarshal's Shoulderpads Spearmarshal's Shoulderpads 400 Shoulders
Svaard's Shoulderguard Svaard's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Minstrel's Emblazoned Shoulders Minstrel's Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Harrier's Bounty Hunter's Shoulderpads Harrier's Bounty Hunter's Shoulderpads 400 Shoulders
Nadijeh's Shoulderguard Nadijeh's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
The Twins' Shoulderguard The Twins' Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Steelstar's Shoulderguard Steelstar's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Thackeray's Shoulderguard Thackeray's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Yassith's Shoulderguard Yassith's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Refined Envoy Shoulderpads Refined Envoy Shoulderpads 500 Shoulders
Ornate Guild Shoulderpads Ornate Guild Shoulderpads 450 Shoulders
Diviner's Mist Shard Shoulders Diviner's Mist Shard Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Seraph Emblazoned Shoulders Seraph Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Grieving Elegy Shoulders Grieving Elegy Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Plaguedoctor's Emblazoned Shoulders Plaguedoctor's Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Nerashi's Shoulderguard Nerashi's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Bringer's Emblazoned Shoulders Bringer's Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Wanderer's Emblazoned Shoulders Wanderer's Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Diviner's Emblazoned Shoulders Diviner's Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Tixx's Shoulderguard Tixx's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Giftbringer's Shoulderguard Giftbringer's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Trailblazer's Emblazoned Shoulders Trailblazer's Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Berserker's Rascal Shoulders Berserker's Rascal Shoulders 275 Shoulders
Rejuvenating Noble Shoulders Rejuvenating Noble Shoulders 125 Shoulders
Ravaging Noble Shoulders Ravaging Noble Shoulders 125 Shoulders
Berserker's Rascal Shoulders Berserker's Rascal Shoulders 250 Shoulders
Rampager's Rascal Shoulders Rampager's Rascal Shoulders 250 Shoulders