Crafting recipes for Leatherworker

1861 results
Name Level Type asc
Resilient Seeker Pants Resilient Seeker Pants 50 Leggings
Occam's Leggings Occam's Leggings 500 Leggings
Harrier's Bounty Hunter's Leggings Harrier's Bounty Hunter's Leggings 400 Leggings
Tizlak's Leggings Tizlak's Leggings 500 Leggings
Knight's Rascal Pants Knight's Rascal Pants 225 Leggings
Inconspicuous Dungarees Inconspicuous Dungarees 400 Leggings
Knight's Noble Pants Knight's Noble Pants 375 Leggings
Strong Leather Pants Strong Leather Pants 175 Leggings
Plaguedoctor's Emblazoned Pants Plaguedoctor's Emblazoned Pants 400 Leggings
Strong Noble Pants Strong Noble Pants 200 Leggings
Assassin's Prowler Pants Assassin's Prowler Pants 325 Leggings
Rejuvenating Outlaw Pants Rejuvenating Outlaw Pants 125 Leggings
Ravaging Outlaw Pants Ravaging Outlaw Pants 75 Leggings
Bringer's Emblazoned Pants Bringer's Emblazoned Pants 400 Leggings
Grieving Elegy Leggings Grieving Elegy Leggings 400 Leggings
Morbach's Leggings Morbach's Leggings 500 Leggings
Cleric's Rascal Pants Cleric's Rascal Pants 250 Leggings
Carrion Emblazoned Pants Carrion Emblazoned Pants 400 Leggings
Hearty Leather Pants Hearty Leather Pants 175 Leggings
Thackeray's Leggings Thackeray's Leggings 500 Leggings
Hearty Noble Pants Hearty Noble Pants 200 Leggings
Apothecary's Noble Pants Apothecary's Noble Pants 375 Leggings
Rampager's Prowler Pants Rampager's Prowler Pants 325 Leggings
The Twins' Leggings The Twins' Leggings 500 Leggings
Vigorous Outlaw Pants Vigorous Outlaw Pants 75 Leggings
Zealot's Emblazoned Pants Zealot's Emblazoned Pants 400 Leggings
Hronk's Leggings Hronk's Leggings 500 Leggings
Ragamuffin Slacks Ragamuffin Slacks 350 Leggings
Berserker's Rascal Pants Berserker's Rascal Pants 250 Leggings
Assassin's Emblazoned Pants Assassin's Emblazoned Pants 400 Leggings
Giver's Seeker Pants Giver's Seeker Pants 25 Leggings
Strong Leather Pants Strong Leather Pants 200 Leggings
Rejuvenating Noble Pants Rejuvenating Noble Pants 125 Leggings
Cleric's Prowler Pants Cleric's Prowler Pants 350 Leggings
Honed Outlaw Pants Honed Outlaw Pants 100 Leggings
Gobrech's Leggings Gobrech's Leggings 500 Leggings
Carrion Rascal Pants Carrion Rascal Pants 275 Leggings
Rampager's Emblazoned Pants Rampager's Emblazoned Pants 400 Leggings
Mighty Seeker Pants Mighty Seeker Pants 0 Leggings
Tixx's Leggings Tixx's Leggings 500 Leggings
Hunter's Leather Pants Hunter's Leather Pants 200 Leggings
Hunter's Noble Pants Hunter's Noble Pants 125 Leggings
Carrion Noble Pants Carrion Noble Pants 275 Leggings
Marauder Emblazoned Pants Marauder Emblazoned Pants 400 Leggings
Berserker's Prowler Pants Berserker's Prowler Pants 350 Leggings
Nadijeh's Leggings Nadijeh's Leggings 500 Leggings
Ravaging Outlaw Pants Ravaging Outlaw Pants 125 Leggings
Ahamid's Leggings Ahamid's Leggings 500 Leggings
Assassin's Rascal Pants Assassin's Rascal Pants 275 Leggings
Valkyrie Emblazoned Pants Valkyrie Emblazoned Pants 400 Leggings