Crafting recipes for Leatherworker

1951 results
Name Level Type asc
Rawhide Mask Padding Rawhide Mask Padding 25 Component
Rawhide Mask Strap Rawhide Mask Strap 25 Component
Coarse Shoulderguard Panel Coarse Shoulderguard Panel 150 Component
Coarse Glove Lining Coarse Glove Lining 150 Component
Coarse Goggle Padding Coarse Goggle Padding 150 Component
Coarse Longcoat Padding Coarse Longcoat Padding 150 Component
Coarse Shoulderguard Padding Coarse Shoulderguard Padding 150 Component
Coarse Trouser Padding Coarse Trouser Padding 150 Component
Thin Mask Panel Thin Mask Panel 75 Component
Coarse Longcoat Panel Coarse Longcoat Panel 150 Component
Coarse Goggle Strap Coarse Goggle Strap 150 Component
Coarse Glove Panel Coarse Glove Panel 150 Component
Coarse Boot Upper Coarse Boot Upper 150 Component
Coarse Boot Sole Coarse Boot Sole 150 Component
Thin Shoulderguard Padding Thin Shoulderguard Padding 75 Component
Coarse Trouser Panel Coarse Trouser Panel 150 Component
Thick Boot Sole Thick Boot Sole 300 Component
Hardened Trouser Panel Hardened Trouser Panel 400 Component
Thick Boot Upper Thick Boot Upper 300 Component
Thick Glove Panel Thick Glove Panel 300 Component
Thick Mask Strap Thick Mask Strap 300 Component
Thick Longcoat Panel Thick Longcoat Panel 300 Component
Thick Shoulderguard Panel Thick Shoulderguard Panel 300 Component
Thick Trouser Panel Thick Trouser Panel 300 Component
Hardened Glove Lining Hardened Glove Lining 400 Component
Hardened Helmet Padding Hardened Helmet Padding 400 Component
Hardened Longcoat Padding Hardened Longcoat Padding 400 Component
Hardened Shoulderguard Padding Hardened Shoulderguard Padding 400 Component
Hardened Shoulderguard Panel Hardened Shoulderguard Panel 400 Component
Hardened Longcoat Panel Hardened Longcoat Panel 400 Component
Hardened Helmet Strap Hardened Helmet Strap 400 Component
Hardened Glove Panel Hardened Glove Panel 400 Component
Hardened Boot Upper Hardened Boot Upper 400 Component
Hardened Boot Sole Hardened Boot Sole 400 Component
Hardened Trouser Padding Hardened Trouser Padding 400 Component
Wolf Statue Wolf Statue 400 Component
Gift of Nature Gift of Nature 400 Component
Honed Noble Coat Honed Noble Coat 125 Coat
Carrion Prowler Coat Carrion Prowler Coat 300 Coat
Valkyrie Rascal Coat Valkyrie Rascal Coat 275 Coat
Strong Noble Coat Strong Noble Coat 125 Coat
Hunter's Noble Coat Hunter's Noble Coat 125 Coat
Rejuvenating Noble Coat Rejuvenating Noble Coat 125 Coat
Ravaging Noble Coat Ravaging Noble Coat 125 Coat
Cleric's Rascal Coat Cleric's Rascal Coat 275 Coat
Assassin's Rascal Coat Assassin's Rascal Coat 275 Coat
Berserker's Rascal Coat Berserker's Rascal Coat 275 Coat
Rampager's Rascal Coat Rampager's Rascal Coat 275 Coat
Rejuvenating Leather Coat Rejuvenating Leather Coat 200 Coat
Rejuvenating Leather Coat Rejuvenating Leather Coat 175 Coat