Crafting recipes for Scribe

637 results
Name Level Type asc
Thesis on Calculated Accuracy Thesis on Calculated Accuracy 275 Feast
Thesis on Accuracy Thesis on Accuracy 125 Feast
Thesis on Basic Strength Thesis on Basic Strength 50 Feast
Writ of Basic Malice Writ of Basic Malice 0 Consumable
Writ of Studied Accuracy Writ of Studied Accuracy 150 Consumable
Writ of Studied Strength Writ of Studied Strength 150 Consumable
Writ of Masterful Malice Writ of Masterful Malice 400 Consumable
Writ of Studied Malice Writ of Studied Malice 150 Consumable
Writ of Learned Accuracy Writ of Learned Accuracy 300 Consumable
Writ of Learned Strength Writ of Learned Strength 300 Consumable
Writ of Malice Writ of Malice 75 Consumable
Writ of Basic Accuracy Writ of Basic Accuracy 0 Consumable
Writ of Accuracy Writ of Accuracy 75 Consumable
Sketchbook: Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra Sketchbook: Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra 400 Consumable
Writ of Calculated Accuracy Writ of Calculated Accuracy 225 Consumable
Writ of Strength Writ of Strength 75 Consumable
Writ of Calculated Malice Writ of Calculated Malice 225 Consumable
Writ of Masterful Strength Writ of Masterful Strength 400 Consumable
Writ of Calculated Strength Writ of Calculated Strength 225 Consumable
Writ of Learned Malice Writ of Learned Malice 300 Consumable
Writ of Masterful Accuracy Writ of Masterful Accuracy 400 Consumable
Writ of Basic Strength Writ of Basic Strength 0 Consumable
Writ of Basic Speed Writ of Basic Speed 225 Consumable
Writ of Studied Speed Writ of Studied Speed 300 Consumable
Writ of Masterful Speed Writ of Masterful Speed 400 Consumable
Master's Scribing Kit Master's Scribing Kit 300 Component
Master's Ink Set Master's Ink Set 300 Component
Green Wood Pen Green Wood Pen 0 Component
Rough Book Cover Rough Book Cover 100 Component
Journeyman's Scribing Kit Journeyman's Scribing Kit 225 Component
Elder Wood Pen Elder Wood Pen 300 Component
Elaborate Book Elaborate Book 325 Component
Orichalcum Craftsman's Hammer Orichalcum Craftsman's Hammer 400 Component
Bronze Chisel Bronze Chisel 0 Component
Fine Scribing Kit Fine Scribing Kit 150 Component
Simple Book Simple Book 25 Component
Sheet of Rough Paper Sheet of Rough Paper 75 Component
Fountain Torch Fountain Torch 0 Component
Darksteel Chisel Darksteel Chisel 225 Component
Bag of Shimmering Energy Bag of Shimmering Energy 0 Component
Mithril Chisel Mithril Chisel 300 Component
Bag of Incandescent Energy Bag of Incandescent Energy 300 Component
Platinum Nib Platinum Nib 225 Component
Mithril Reinforcing Plate Mithril Reinforcing Plate 300 Component
Grandmaster's Finishing Kit Grandmaster's Finishing Kit 400 Component
Simple Scribe's Tools Simple Scribe's Tools 0 Component
Mithril Nib Mithril Nib 300 Component
Hard Wood Pen Hard Wood Pen 225 Component
Silver Nib Silver Nib 75 Component
Steel Craftsman's Hammer Steel Craftsman's Hammer 150 Component