Crafting recipes for Weaponsmith

2394 results
Name Level desc Type
Assassin's Primordus Dagger Assassin's Primordus Dagger 400 Dagger
Valkyrie Primordus Pike Valkyrie Primordus Pike 400 Harpoon
Apothecary's Pearl Reaver Apothecary's Pearl Reaver 400 Axe
Bringer's Pearl Carver Bringer's Pearl Carver 400 Dagger
Sentinel's Pearl Crusher Sentinel's Pearl Crusher 400 Hammer
Shaman's Pearl Shell Shaman's Pearl Shell 400 Shield
Shaman's Pearl Crusher Shaman's Pearl Crusher 400 Hammer
Shaman's Pearl Reaver Shaman's Pearl Reaver 400 Axe
Shaman's Pearl Broadsword Shaman's Pearl Broadsword 400 Greatsword
Rabid Pearl Impaler Rabid Pearl Impaler 400 Harpoon
Zealot's Pearl Sabre Zealot's Pearl Sabre 400 Sword
Nomad's Pearl Shell Nomad's Pearl Shell 400 Shield
Coleoptera Coleoptera 400 Shield
Superior Sigil of Blight Superior Sigil of Blight 400 Updrage
Assassin's Auric Mace Assassin's Auric Mace 400 Mace
Rampager's Auric Hammer Rampager's Auric Hammer 400 Hammer
Crusader Pearl Bludgeoner Crusader Pearl Bludgeoner 400 Mace
Carrion Auric Sword Carrion Auric Sword 400 Sword
Exalted Sword Core Exalted Sword Core 400 Refinement
Marauder Pearl Broadsword Marauder Pearl Broadsword 400 Greatsword
Wanderer's Pearl Carver Wanderer's Pearl Carver 400 Dagger
Oiled Orichalcum Mace Head Oiled Orichalcum Mace Head 400 Component
Cleric's Auric Dagger Cleric's Auric Dagger 400 Dagger
Berserker's Auric Axe Berserker's Auric Axe 400 Axe
Minstrel's Pearl Impaler Minstrel's Pearl Impaler 400 Harpoon
Gift of Venom Gift of Venom 400 Component
Mordant Scutum Mordant Scutum 400 Shield
Giver's Pearl Carver Giver's Pearl Carver 400 Dagger
Superior Sigil of Force Superior Sigil of Force 400 Updrage
Major Sigil of Centaur Slaying Major Sigil of Centaur Slaying 400 Updrage
Minor Sigil of Peril Minor Sigil of Peril 400 Updrage
Superior Sigil of Hobbling Superior Sigil of Hobbling 400 Updrage
Minor Sigil of Ice Minor Sigil of Ice 400 Updrage
Superior Sigil of Fire Superior Sigil of Fire 400 Updrage
Diviner's Pearl Carver Diviner's Pearl Carver 400 Dagger
Orichalcum Sword Blade Orichalcum Sword Blade 400 Component
Cleric's Pearl Shell Cleric's Pearl Shell 400 Shield
Berserker's Pearl Bludgeoner Berserker's Pearl Bludgeoner 400 Mace
Knight's Pearl Broadsword Knight's Pearl Broadsword 400 Greatsword
Knight's Primordus Shield Knight's Primordus Shield 400 Shield
Cleric's Primordus Mace Cleric's Primordus Mace 400 Mace
Berserker's Primordus Dagger Berserker's Primordus Dagger 400 Dagger
Rampager's Primordus Pike Rampager's Primordus Pike 400 Harpoon
Apothecary's Primordus Dagger Apothecary's Primordus Dagger 400 Dagger
Sentinel's Primordus Mace Sentinel's Primordus Mace 400 Mace
Potent Superior Sharpening Stone Potent Superior Sharpening Stone 400 Consumable
Dire Pearl Impaler Dire Pearl Impaler 400 Harpoon
Zealot's Pearl Broadsword Zealot's Pearl Broadsword 400 Greatsword
Diptera Diptera 400 Hammer
Sinister Pearl Sabre Sinister Pearl Sabre 400 Sword