Crafting recipes for Weaponsmith

2395 results
Name Level desc Type
Svaard's Blade Svaard's Blade 500 Sword
Yassith's Blade Yassith's Blade 500 Sword
Yassith's Impaler Yassith's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Yassith's Claymore Yassith's Claymore 500 Greatsword
Laranthir's Warhammer Laranthir's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Serrated Harpoon Serrated Harpoon 500 Legendary Component
Rune Enchanted Rings Rune Enchanted Rings 500 Legendary Component
Maklain's Flanged Mace Maklain's Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Svaard's Marauder Inscription Svaard's Marauder Inscription 500 Inscription
Pahua's Reaver Pahua's Reaver 500 Axe
The Chosen The Chosen 500 Legendary Component
Finely Tuned Watchwork Mechanism Finely Tuned Watchwork Mechanism 500 Legendary Component
Bound Wings Bound Wings 500 Legendary Component
Tizlak's Commander's Inscription Tizlak's Commander's Inscription 500 Inscription
Carcharias Carcharias 500 Legendary Component
Laranthir's Reaver Laranthir's Reaver 500 Axe
Ruka's Blade Ruka's Blade 500 Sword
Svaard's Claymore Svaard's Claymore 500 Greatsword
Ruka's Razor Ruka's Razor 500 Dagger
Yassith's Flanged Mace Yassith's Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Pristine Mist Essence Pristine Mist Essence 500 Legendary Component
Tizlak's Bastion Tizlak's Bastion 500 Shield
Counterweighting Mechanism Counterweighting Mechanism 500 Legendary Component
Svaard's Reaver Svaard's Reaver 500 Axe
Third Order Mist Frame Third Order Mist Frame 500 Legendary Component
Ooze Reservoir Ooze Reservoir 500 Legendary Component
Maklain's Blade Maklain's Blade 500 Sword
Laranthir's Flanged Mace Laranthir's Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Tizlak's Claymore Tizlak's Claymore 500 Greatsword
Yassith's Reaver Yassith's Reaver 500 Axe
Unbound Wings Unbound Wings 500 Legendary Component
Fuel Cannister Fuel Cannister 500 Legendary Component
Laranthir's Impaler Laranthir's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Maklain's Warhammer Maklain's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Tooth of Frostfang Tooth of Frostfang 500 Legendary Component
Unbound Unbound 500 Legendary Component
Ruka's Wanderer's Inscription Ruka's Wanderer's Inscription 500 Inscription
First Order Mist Frame First Order Mist Frame 500 Legendary Component
Maklain's Bastion Maklain's Bastion 500 Shield
Ruka's Bastion Ruka's Bastion 500 Shield
Pahua's Bastion Pahua's Bastion 500 Shield
Jeweled Deldrimor Steel Plated Dowel Jeweled Deldrimor Steel Plated Dowel 500 Refinement
Ossa's Impaler Ossa's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Freezing Core Freezing Core 500 Legendary Component
Laranthir's Vigilant Inscription Laranthir's Vigilant Inscription 500 Inscription
Finite Wings Finite Wings 500 Legendary Component
Laranthir's Claymore Laranthir's Claymore 500 Greatsword
Maklain's Claymore Maklain's Claymore 500 Greatsword
Pahua's Warhammer Pahua's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Energy Source Energy Source 500 Legendary Component