Crafting recipes for Weaponsmith

2550 results
Name Level asc Type
Deldrimor Steel Shield Backing Deldrimor Steel Shield Backing 500 Component
Deldrimor Steel Shield Boss Deldrimor Steel Shield Boss 500 Component
Wupwup Impaler Wupwup Impaler 500 Harpoon
Occam's Impaler Occam's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Grizzlemouth's Impaler Grizzlemouth's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Mathilde's Impaler Mathilde's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Theodosus's Impaler Theodosus's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Hronk's Impaler Hronk's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Ebonmane's Impaler Ebonmane's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Zojja's Impaler Zojja's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Chorben's Impaler Chorben's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Stonecleaver's Impaler Stonecleaver's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Coalforge's Impaler Coalforge's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Soros's Impaler Soros's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Leftpaw's Impaler Leftpaw's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Angchu Impaler Angchu Impaler 500 Harpoon
Beigarth's Impaler Beigarth's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Zintl Impaler Zintl Impaler 500 Harpoon
Tonn's Impaler Tonn's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Keeper's Zealot Inscription Keeper's Zealot Inscription 500 Inscription
Keeper's Blade Keeper's Blade 500 Sword
Keeper's Impaler Keeper's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Keeper's Flanged Mace Keeper's Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Keeper's Reaver Keeper's Reaver 500 Axe
Keeper's Warhammer Keeper's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Keeper's Claymore Keeper's Claymore 500 Greatsword
Keeper's Razor Keeper's Razor 500 Dagger
Keeper's Bastion Keeper's Bastion 500 Shield
Ventari's Nomad Inscription Ventari's Nomad Inscription 500 Inscription
Ventari's Razor Ventari's Razor 500 Dagger
Ventari's Blade Ventari's Blade 500 Sword
Ventari's Warhammer Ventari's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Ventari's Impaler Ventari's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Ventari's Reaver Ventari's Reaver 500 Axe
Ventari's Claymore Ventari's Claymore 500 Greatsword
Ventari's Bastion Ventari's Bastion 500 Shield
Ventari's Flanged Mace Ventari's Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Verata's Sinister Inscription Verata's Sinister Inscription 500 Inscription
Verata's Bastion Verata's Bastion 500 Shield
Verata's Impaler Verata's Impaler 500 Harpoon
Verata's Blade Verata's Blade 500 Sword
Verata's Razor Verata's Razor 500 Dagger
Verata's Flanged Mace Verata's Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Verata's Reaver Verata's Reaver 500 Axe
Verata's Warhammer Verata's Warhammer 500 Hammer
Verata's Claymore Verata's Claymore 500 Greatsword
Tizlak's Blade Tizlak's Blade 500 Sword
Pahua's Flanged Mace Pahua's Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy 500 Refinement
Runed Sphere Casing Runed Sphere Casing 500 Legendary Component