Crafting recipes for Weaponsmith

2395 results
Name asc Level Type
Soldier's Pearl Crusher Soldier's Pearl Crusher 400 Hammer
Soldier's Pearl Carver Soldier's Pearl Carver 400 Dagger
Soldier's Pearl Broadsword Soldier's Pearl Broadsword 400 Greatsword
Soldier's Pearl Bludgeoner Soldier's Pearl Bludgeoner 400 Mace
Soft Wood Plank Soft Wood Plank 75 Refinement
Soft Wood Dowel Soft Wood Dowel 75 Refinement
Small Spiritwood Haft Small Spiritwood Haft 500 Component
Small Soft Haft Small Soft Haft 75 Component
Small Seasoned Haft Small Seasoned Haft 150 Component
Small Hard Haft Small Hard Haft 225 Component
Small Green Haft Small Green Haft 0 Component
Small Elder Haft Small Elder Haft 300 Component
Small Ancient Haft Small Ancient Haft 400 Component
Sinister Pearl Shell Sinister Pearl Shell 400 Shield
Sinister Pearl Sabre Sinister Pearl Sabre 400 Sword
Sinister Pearl Reaver Sinister Pearl Reaver 400 Axe
Sinister Pearl Impaler Sinister Pearl Impaler 400 Harpoon
Sinister Pearl Crusher Sinister Pearl Crusher 400 Hammer
Sinister Pearl Carver Sinister Pearl Carver 400 Dagger
Sinister Pearl Broadsword Sinister Pearl Broadsword 400 Greatsword
Sinister Pearl Bludgeoner Sinister Pearl Bludgeoner 400 Mace
Sinister Orichalcum Imbued Inscription Sinister Orichalcum Imbued Inscription 400 Inscription
Simple Weaponsmith's Tools Simple Weaponsmith's Tools 0 Component
Simple Weaponsmith's Backpack Simple Weaponsmith's Backpack 0 Backpack
Simple Sharpening Stone Simple Sharpening Stone 75 Consumable
Shimmering Sword Shimmering Sword 450 Sword
Shimmering Shield Shimmering Shield 450 Shield
Shimmering Mace Shimmering Mace 450 Mace
Shimmering Hammer Shimmering Hammer 450 Hammer
Shimmering Greatsword Shimmering Greatsword 450 Greatsword
Shimmering Dagger Shimmering Dagger 450 Dagger
Shimmering Axe Shimmering Axe 450 Axe
Shield of Legend Shield of Legend 500 Legendary Component
Sheet of Charged Ambrite Sheet of Charged Ambrite 400 Refinement
Sheet of Ambrite Sheet of Ambrite 400 Refinement
Sharpening Stone Station Sharpening Stone Station 425 Feast
Sharpening Skull Sharpening Skull 400 Consumable
Shark Figurine Shark Figurine 500 Legendary Component
Shard of the Crown Shard of the Crown 450 Legendary Component
Shard of Resolution Shard of Resolution 450 Legendary Component
Shard of Friendship Shard of Friendship 450 Legendary Component
Shard of Exitare Shard of Exitare 450 Legendary Component
Shard of Endeavor Shard of Endeavor 450 Legendary Component
Shard of Arah Shard of Arah 450 Legendary Component
Shaman's Pearl Shell Shaman's Pearl Shell 400 Shield
Shaman's Pearl Sabre Shaman's Pearl Sabre 400 Sword
Shaman's Pearl Reaver Shaman's Pearl Reaver 400 Axe
Shaman's Pearl Impaler Shaman's Pearl Impaler 400 Harpoon
Shaman's Pearl Crusher Shaman's Pearl Crusher 400 Hammer
Shaman's Pearl Carver Shaman's Pearl Carver 400 Dagger