Crafting recipes for Weaponsmith

2395 results
Name Level Type asc
Mathilde's Flanged Mace Mathilde's Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Grizzlemouth's Flanged Mace Grizzlemouth's Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Angchu Flanged Mace Angchu Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Beigarth's Flanged Mace Beigarth's Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Apothecary's Auric Mace Apothecary's Auric Mace 400 Mace
Keeper's Flanged Mace Keeper's Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Pahua's Flanged Mace Pahua's Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Minstrel's Pearl Bludgeoner Minstrel's Pearl Bludgeoner 400 Mace
Sinister Pearl Bludgeoner Sinister Pearl Bludgeoner 400 Mace
Giver's Bandit Mallet Giver's Bandit Mallet 125 Mace
Giver's Iron Mace Giver's Iron Mace 200 Mace
Bringer's Darksteel Mace Bringer's Darksteel Mace 275 Mace
Bringer's Krait Morning Star Bringer's Krait Morning Star 375 Mace
Verata's Flanged Mace Verata's Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Bringer's Pearl Bludgeoner Bringer's Pearl Bludgeoner 400 Mace
Tonn's Flanged Mace Tonn's Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Wupwup Flanged Mace Wupwup Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Shaman's Pearl Bludgeoner Shaman's Pearl Bludgeoner 400 Mace
Apothecary's Mithril Mace Apothecary's Mithril Mace 350 Mace
Apothecary's Krait Morning Star Apothecary's Krait Morning Star 375 Mace
Assassin's Primordus Mace Assassin's Primordus Mace 400 Mace
Apothecary's Primordus Mace Apothecary's Primordus Mace 400 Mace
Apothecary's Pearl Bludgeoner Apothecary's Pearl Bludgeoner 400 Mace
Berserker's Primordus Mace Berserker's Primordus Mace 400 Mace
Ossa's Flanged Mace Ossa's Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Sentinel's Primordus Mace Sentinel's Primordus Mace 400 Mace
Sentinel's Pearl Bludgeoner Sentinel's Pearl Bludgeoner 400 Mace
Valkyrie Primordus Mace Valkyrie Primordus Mace 400 Mace
Handcrafted Eye of Astrix Handcrafted Eye of Astrix 400 Mace
Nomad's Pearl Bludgeoner Nomad's Pearl Bludgeoner 400 Mace
Ventari's Flanged Mace Ventari's Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Sentinel's Mithril Mace Sentinel's Mithril Mace 325 Mace
Occam's Flanged Mace Occam's Flanged Mace 500 Mace
Carrion Primordus Mace Carrion Primordus Mace 400 Mace
Dire Pearl Bludgeoner Dire Pearl Bludgeoner 400 Mace
Rabid Pearl Bludgeoner Rabid Pearl Bludgeoner 400 Mace
Soldier's Pearl Bludgeoner Soldier's Pearl Bludgeoner 400 Mace
Settler's Pearl Bludgeoner Settler's Pearl Bludgeoner 400 Mace
Cavalier's Pearl Bludgeoner Cavalier's Pearl Bludgeoner 400 Mace
Apothecary's Mithril Mace Apothecary's Mithril Mace 325 Mace
Cleric's Primordus Mace Cleric's Primordus Mace 400 Mace
Magi's Pearl Bludgeoner Magi's Pearl Bludgeoner 400 Mace
Dusk Experiment Dusk Experiment 450 Legendary Component
Serrated Harpoon Serrated Harpoon 500 Legendary Component
Weighted Axe Haft Weighted Axe Haft 450 Legendary Component
Weighted Shield Boss Weighted Shield Boss 450 Legendary Component
Shield of Legend Shield of Legend 500 Legendary Component
Weighted Spearhead Weighted Spearhead 450 Legendary Component
Perfected Nightsword Perfected Nightsword 450 Legendary Component
Shark Figurine Shark Figurine 500 Legendary Component