Crafting recipes for Armorsmith

1857 results
Name Level desc Type
Orichalcum Gauntlet Lining Orichalcum Gauntlet Lining 400 Component
Orichalcum Helmet Lining Orichalcum Helmet Lining 400 Component
Orichalcum Legging Lining Orichalcum Legging Lining 400 Component
Orichalcum Pauldron Lining Orichalcum Pauldron Lining 400 Component
Carrion Draconic Boots Carrion Draconic Boots 400 Boots
Cleric's Draconic Boots Cleric's Draconic Boots 400 Boots
Assassin's Draconic Boots Assassin's Draconic Boots 400 Boots
Berserker's Draconic Boots Berserker's Draconic Boots 400 Boots
Rampager's Draconic Boots Rampager's Draconic Boots 400 Boots
Knight's Draconic Boots Knight's Draconic Boots 400 Boots
Valkyrie Draconic Boots Valkyrie Draconic Boots 400 Boots
Carrion Draconic Gauntlets Carrion Draconic Gauntlets 400 Gloves
Cleric's Draconic Gauntlets Cleric's Draconic Gauntlets 400 Gloves
Assassin's Draconic Gauntlets Assassin's Draconic Gauntlets 400 Gloves
Berserker's Draconic Gauntlets Berserker's Draconic Gauntlets 400 Gloves
Rampager's Draconic Gauntlets Rampager's Draconic Gauntlets 400 Gloves
Knight's Draconic Gauntlets Knight's Draconic Gauntlets 400 Gloves
Valkyrie Draconic Gauntlets Valkyrie Draconic Gauntlets 400 Gloves
Carrion Draconic Coat Carrion Draconic Coat 400 Coat
Cleric's Draconic Coat Cleric's Draconic Coat 400 Coat
Assassin's Draconic Coat Assassin's Draconic Coat 400 Coat
Berserker's Draconic Coat Berserker's Draconic Coat 400 Coat
Rampager's Draconic Coat Rampager's Draconic Coat 400 Coat
Knight's Draconic Coat Knight's Draconic Coat 400 Coat
Valkyrie Draconic Coat Valkyrie Draconic Coat 400 Coat
Carrion Draconic Helm Carrion Draconic Helm 400 Helm
Cleric's Draconic Helm Cleric's Draconic Helm 400 Helm
Assassin's Draconic Helm Assassin's Draconic Helm 400 Helm
Berserker's Draconic Helm Berserker's Draconic Helm 400 Helm
Rampager's Draconic Helm Rampager's Draconic Helm 400 Helm
Knight's Draconic Helm Knight's Draconic Helm 400 Helm
Valkyrie Draconic Helm Valkyrie Draconic Helm 400 Helm
Carrion Draconic Pauldrons Carrion Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Cleric's Draconic Pauldrons Cleric's Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Assassin's Draconic Pauldrons Assassin's Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Berserker's Draconic Pauldrons Berserker's Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Rampager's Draconic Pauldrons Rampager's Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Knight's Draconic Pauldrons Knight's Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Valkyrie Draconic Pauldrons Valkyrie Draconic Pauldrons 400 Shoulders
Carrion Draconic Legs Carrion Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Cleric's Draconic Legs Cleric's Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Assassin's Draconic Legs Assassin's Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Berserker's Draconic Legs Berserker's Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Rampager's Draconic Legs Rampager's Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Knight's Draconic Legs Knight's Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Valkyrie Draconic Legs Valkyrie Draconic Legs 400 Leggings
Superior Rune of the Warrior Superior Rune of the Warrior 400 Updrage
Superior Rune of the Guardian Superior Rune of the Guardian 400 Updrage
Superior Rune of the Trooper Superior Rune of the Trooper 400 Updrage
Superior Rune of the Brawler Superior Rune of the Brawler 400 Updrage