Crafting recipes for Armorsmith

1956 results
Name Level desc Type
Tixx's Visor Tixx's Visor 500 Helm
Tixx's Giver's Insignia Tixx's Giver's Insignia 500 Insignia
Giftbringer's Warfists Giftbringer's Warfists 500 Gloves
Tixx's Breastplate Tixx's Breastplate 500 Coat
Giftbringer's Pauldrons Giftbringer's Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Giftbringer's Insignia Giftbringer's Insignia 500 Insignia
Giftbringer's Greaves Giftbringer's Greaves 500 Boots
Tixx's Pauldrons Tixx's Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Pocketed Olmakhan Bandolier Pocketed Olmakhan Bandolier 500 Bag
Handwoven Olmakhan Bandolier Handwoven Olmakhan Bandolier 500 Bag
Reinforced Olmakhan Bandolier Reinforced Olmakhan Bandolier 500 Bag
Nerashi's Warfists Nerashi's Warfists 500 Gloves
Nerashi's Greaves Nerashi's Greaves 500 Boots
Nerashi's Insignia Nerashi's Insignia 500 Insignia
Nerashi's Visor Nerashi's Visor 500 Helm
Banner of the Commander Banner of the Commander 500 Backpack
Nerashi's Breastplate Nerashi's Breastplate 500 Coat
Nerashi's Tassets Nerashi's Tassets 500 Leggings
Ascended Banner of the Dauntless Commander Ascended Banner of the Dauntless Commander 500 Backpack
Nerashi's Pauldrons Nerashi's Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Ruka's Metal Breather Ruka's Metal Breather 500 Helm
Maklain's Metal Breather Maklain's Metal Breather 500 Helm
Laranthir's Metal Breather Laranthir's Metal Breather 500 Helm
Tizlak's Metal Breather Tizlak's Metal Breather 500 Helm
Yassith's Metal Breather Yassith's Metal Breather 500 Helm
Thackeray's Metal Breather Thackeray's Metal Breather 500 Helm
Steelstar's Visor Steelstar's Visor 500 Helm
Steelstar's Tassets Steelstar's Tassets 500 Leggings
Steelstar's Pauldrons Steelstar's Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Steelstar's Insignia Steelstar's Insignia 500 Insignia
Steelstar's Warfists Steelstar's Warfists 500 Gloves
Steelstar's Greaves Steelstar's Greaves 500 Boots
Steelstar's Breastplate Steelstar's Breastplate 500 Coat
Hardened Boreal Barrel Hardened Boreal Barrel 500 Bag
Reinforced Boreal Trunk Reinforced Boreal Trunk 500 Bag
Sturdy Boreal Duffel Sturdy Boreal Duffel 500 Bag
Togo's Pauldrons Togo's Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Suun's Breastplate Suun's Breastplate 500 Coat
Suun's Dragon Insignia Suun's Dragon Insignia 500 Insignia
Suun's Pauldrons Suun's Pauldrons 500 Shoulders
Togo's Visor Togo's Visor 500 Helm
Suun's Warfists Suun's Warfists 500 Gloves
Suun's Tassets Suun's Tassets 500 Leggings
Togo's Warfists Togo's Warfists 500 Gloves
Suun's Greaves Suun's Greaves 500 Boots
Togo's Ritualist Insignia Togo's Ritualist Insignia 500 Insignia
Togo's Tassets Togo's Tassets 500 Leggings
Togo's Breastplate Togo's Breastplate 500 Coat
Suun's Visor Suun's Visor 500 Helm
Togo's Greaves Togo's Greaves 500 Boots