Crafting recipes for Armorsmith

1856 results
Name Level desc Type
Mystic Aspect Mystic Aspect 75 Refinement
Bolt of Wool Bolt of Wool 75 Refinement
Iron Casque Lining Iron Casque Lining 75 Component
Ravaging Scale Coat Ravaging Scale Coat 75 Coat
Ravaging Scale Legs Ravaging Scale Legs 75 Leggings
Sturdy Armorsmith's Tools Sturdy Armorsmith's Tools 75 Component
Iron Scale Chest Padding Iron Scale Chest Padding 75 Component
Hunter's Scale Coat Hunter's Scale Coat 75 Coat
Hunter's Scale Legs Hunter's Scale Legs 75 Leggings
Giver's Scale Gauntlets Giver's Scale Gauntlets 75 Gloves
Iron Scale Legging Lining Iron Scale Legging Lining 75 Component
Vigorous Scale Coat Vigorous Scale Coat 75 Coat
Vigorous Scale Legs Vigorous Scale Legs 75 Leggings
Giver's Scale Pauldrons Giver's Scale Pauldrons 75 Shoulders
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot 75 Refinement
Iron Pauldron Lining Iron Pauldron Lining 75 Component
10 Slot Iron Box 10 Slot Iron Box 75 Bag
Ravaging Scale Boots Ravaging Scale Boots 75 Boots
Hunter's Scale Boots Hunter's Scale Boots 75 Boots
Vigorous Scale Boots Vigorous Scale Boots 75 Boots
Minor Rune of the Earth Minor Rune of the Earth 75 Updrage
Giver's Scale Coat Giver's Scale Coat 75 Coat
Sturdy Armorsmith's Backpack Sturdy Armorsmith's Backpack 75 Backpack
Minor Rune of the Fire Minor Rune of the Fire 75 Updrage
Giver's Scale Legs Giver's Scale Legs 75 Leggings
Cured Thin Leather Square Cured Thin Leather Square 75 Refinement
Iron Casque Casing Iron Casque Casing 75 Component
Ravaging Scale Pauldrons Ravaging Scale Pauldrons 75 Shoulders
Ravaging Wool Insignia Ravaging Wool Insignia 75 Insignia
Iron Pauldron Casing Iron Pauldron Casing 75 Component
Hunter's Scale Pauldrons Hunter's Scale Pauldrons 75 Shoulders
Minor Rune of the Mad King Minor Rune of the Mad King 75 Updrage
Giver's Embroidered Wool Insignia Giver's Embroidered Wool Insignia 75 Insignia
Vigorous Wool Insignia Vigorous Wool Insignia 75 Insignia
Iron Scale Armguard Panel Iron Scale Armguard Panel 75 Component
Vigorous Scale Pauldrons Vigorous Scale Pauldrons 75 Shoulders
Box of Giver's Scale Armor Box of Giver's Scale Armor 75 Bulk
Hunter's Wool Insignia Hunter's Wool Insignia 75 Insignia
Iron Scale Boot Panel Iron Scale Boot Panel 75 Component
Giver's Scale Boots Giver's Scale Boots 75 Boots
Iron Scale Chest Panel Iron Scale Chest Panel 75 Component
Ravaging Scale Gauntlets Ravaging Scale Gauntlets 75 Gloves
Ravaging Scale Helm Ravaging Scale Helm 75 Helm
Giver's Scale Helm Giver's Scale Helm 75 Helm
Iron Scale Legging Panel Iron Scale Legging Panel 75 Component
Hunter's Scale Gauntlets Hunter's Scale Gauntlets 75 Gloves
Hunter's Scale Helm Hunter's Scale Helm 75 Helm
Box of Ravaging Scale Armor Box of Ravaging Scale Armor 75 Bulk
Hearty Wool Insignia Hearty Wool Insignia 100 Insignia
Strong Scale Gauntlets Strong Scale Gauntlets 100 Gloves