Crafting recipes for Artificer

1640 results
Name asc Level Type
Togo's Trident Togo's Trident 500 Trident
Togo's Spire Togo's Spire 500 Staff
Togo's Inscription Togo's Inscription 500 Inscription
Togo's Artifact Togo's Artifact 500 Focus
Tlehco Tlehco 500 Legendary Component
Tizlak's Wand Tizlak's Wand 500 Scepter
Tizlak's Trident Tizlak's Trident 500 Trident
Tizlak's Spire Tizlak's Spire 500 Staff
Tizlak's Commander's Inscription Tizlak's Commander's Inscription 500 Inscription
Tizlak's Artifact Tizlak's Artifact 500 Focus
Tixx's Wand Tixx's Wand 500 Scepter
Tixx's Trident Tixx's Trident 500 Trident
Tixx's Spire Tixx's Spire 500 Staff
Tixx's Giver's Inscription Tixx's Giver's Inscription 500 Inscription
Tixx's Artifact Tixx's Artifact 500 Focus
Third Order Mist Frame Third Order Mist Frame 500 Legendary Component
Theodosus's Wand Theodosus's Wand 500 Scepter
Theodosus's Trident Theodosus's Trident 500 Trident
Theodosus's Spire Theodosus's Spire 500 Staff
Theodosus's Artifact Theodosus's Artifact 500 Focus
Theodosus' Cleric Inscription Theodosus' Cleric Inscription 500 Inscription
The Twins' Wand The Twins' Wand 500 Scepter
The Twins' Trident The Twins' Trident 500 Trident
The Twins' Spire The Twins' Spire 500 Staff
The Twins' Grieving Inscription The Twins' Grieving Inscription 500 Inscription
The Twins' Artifact The Twins' Artifact 500 Focus
The True Name The True Name 450 Legendary Component
The Raven Staff The Raven Staff 500 Legendary Component
The Legend Experiment The Legend Experiment 450 Legendary Component
The Legend The Legend 500 Legendary Component
The Bard Experiment The Bard Experiment 450 Legendary Component
The Bard The Bard 500 Legendary Component
Thackeray's Spire Thackeray's Spire 500 Trident
Thackeray's Seraph Inscription Thackeray's Seraph Inscription 500 Inscription
Thackeray's Rod Thackeray's Rod 500 Scepter
Thackeray's Pillar Thackeray's Pillar 500 Staff
Thackeray's Focus Thackeray's Focus 500 Focus
Tengu Echo Blade Tengu Echo Blade 400 Component
Tenebrous Staff Tenebrous Staff 450 Staff
Tenebrous Scepter Tenebrous Scepter 450 Scepter
Tenebrous Focus Tenebrous Focus 450 Focus
Svaard's Wand Svaard's Wand 500 Scepter
Svaard's Trident Svaard's Trident 500 Trident
Svaard's Spire Svaard's Spire 500 Staff
Svaard's Marauder Inscription Svaard's Marauder Inscription 500 Inscription
Svaard's Artifact Svaard's Artifact 500 Focus
Suun's Wand Suun's Wand 500 Scepter
Suun's Trident Suun's Trident 500 Trident
Suun's Spire Suun's Spire 500 Staff
Suun's Inscription Suun's Inscription 500 Inscription