Crafting recipes for Artificer

1557 results
Name asc Level Type
Spiritwood Scion Spiritwood Scion 500 Refinement
Spiritwood Scepter Rod Spiritwood Scepter Rod 500 Component
Spiritwood Scepter Core Spiritwood Scepter Core 500 Component
Spiritwood Plank Spiritwood Plank 450 Refinement
Spiritwood Focus Core Spiritwood Focus Core 500 Component
Spiritwood Focus Casing Spiritwood Focus Casing 500 Component
Spirit Containment Unit Spirit Containment Unit 450 Legendary Component
Spinning Mechanism Spinning Mechanism 500 Legendary Component
Soros's Wand Soros's Wand 500 Scepter
Soros's Trident Soros's Trident 500 Trident
Soros's Spire Soros's Spire 500 Staff
Soros's Artifact Soros's Artifact 500 Focus
Soros' Assassin Inscription Soros' Assassin Inscription 500 Inscription
Soldier's Pearl Trident Soldier's Pearl Trident 400 Trident
Soldier's Pearl Rod Soldier's Pearl Rod 400 Scepter
Soldier's Pearl Quarterstaff Soldier's Pearl Quarterstaff 400 Staff
Soldier's Pearl Conch Soldier's Pearl Conch 400 Focus
Soft Wood Plank Soft Wood Plank 75 Refinement
Soft Wood Dowel Soft Wood Dowel 75 Refinement
Soft Trident Shaft Soft Trident Shaft 75 Component
Soft Staff Shaft Soft Staff Shaft 75 Component
Soft Staff Head Soft Staff Head 75 Component
Soft Scepter Rod Soft Scepter Rod 75 Component
Soft Scepter Core Soft Scepter Core 75 Component
Soft Focus Core Soft Focus Core 75 Component
Soft Focus Casing Soft Focus Casing 75 Component
Snake Statue Snake Statue 500 Legendary Component
Skale-Smacking Stick Skale-Smacking Stick 25 Staff
Sinister Pearl Trident Sinister Pearl Trident 400 Trident
Sinister Pearl Rod Sinister Pearl Rod 400 Scepter
Sinister Pearl Quarterstaff Sinister Pearl Quarterstaff 400 Staff
Sinister Pearl Conch Sinister Pearl Conch 400 Focus
Sinister Orichalcum Imbued Inscription Sinister Orichalcum Imbued Inscription 400 Inscription
Simple Artificer's Tools Simple Artificer's Tools 0 Component
Simple Artificer's Backpack Simple Artificer's Backpack 0 Backpack
Shimmering Staff Shimmering Staff 450 Staff
Shimmering Scepter Shimmering Scepter 450 Scepter
Shimmering Focus Shimmering Focus 450 Focus
Sheet of Charged Ambrite Sheet of Charged Ambrite 400 Refinement
Sheet of Ambrite Sheet of Ambrite 400 Refinement
Shard of Tlehco Shard of Tlehco 450 Legendary Component
Shard of the Dark Arts Shard of the Dark Arts 450 Legendary Component
Shaman's Pearl Trident Shaman's Pearl Trident 400 Trident
Shaman's Pearl Rod Shaman's Pearl Rod 400 Scepter
Shaman's Pearl Quarterstaff Shaman's Pearl Quarterstaff 400 Staff
Shaman's Pearl Conch Shaman's Pearl Conch 400 Focus
Settler's Pearl Trident Settler's Pearl Trident 400 Trident
Settler's Pearl Rod Settler's Pearl Rod 400 Scepter
Settler's Pearl Quarterstaff Settler's Pearl Quarterstaff 400 Staff
Settler's Pearl Conch Settler's Pearl Conch 400 Focus