Crafting recipes for Artificer

1640 results
Name asc Level Type
Strong Dredge Baton Strong Dredge Baton 200 Scepter
Strong Bandit Trident Strong Bandit Trident 125 Trident
Strong Bandit Spire Strong Bandit Spire 125 Staff
Strong Bandit Focus Strong Bandit Focus 125 Focus
Strong Bandit Baton Strong Bandit Baton 125 Scepter
Stormcaller Core Stormcaller Core 400 Component
Storm Experiment Storm Experiment 450 Legendary Component
Storm Storm 500 Legendary Component
Stonecleaver's Wand Stonecleaver's Wand 500 Scepter
Stonecleaver's Valkyrie Inscription Stonecleaver's Valkyrie Inscription 500 Inscription
Stonecleaver's Trident Stonecleaver's Trident 500 Trident
Stonecleaver's Spire Stonecleaver's Spire 500 Staff
Stonecleaver's Artifact Stonecleaver's Artifact 500 Focus
Steelstar's Wand Steelstar's Wand 500 Scepter
Steelstar's Trident Steelstar's Trident 500 Trident
Steelstar's Spire Steelstar's Spire 500 Staff
Steelstar's Inscription Steelstar's Inscription 500 Inscription
Steelstar's Artifact Steelstar's Artifact 500 Focus
Steel Trident Head Steel Trident Head 150 Component
Steel Plated Dowel Steel Plated Dowel 200 Refinement
Steel Ingot Steel Ingot 150 Refinement
Standard Tuning Crystal Standard Tuning Crystal 150 Consumable
Spool of Thick Elonian Cord Spool of Thick Elonian Cord 450 Ectoplasm Refinement
Spirobolidae Spirobolidae 400 Focus
Spiritwood Trident Shaft Spiritwood Trident Shaft 500 Component
Spiritwood Staff Shaft Spiritwood Staff Shaft 500 Component
Spiritwood Staff Head Spiritwood Staff Head 500 Component
Spiritwood Scion Spiritwood Scion 500 Refinement
Spiritwood Scepter Rod Spiritwood Scepter Rod 500 Component
Spiritwood Scepter Core Spiritwood Scepter Core 500 Component
Spiritwood Plank Spiritwood Plank 450 Refinement
Spiritwood Focus Core Spiritwood Focus Core 500 Component
Spiritwood Focus Casing Spiritwood Focus Casing 500 Component
Spirit Containment Unit Spirit Containment Unit 450 Legendary Component
Spinning Mechanism Spinning Mechanism 500 Legendary Component
Soros's Wand Soros's Wand 500 Scepter
Soros's Trident Soros's Trident 500 Trident
Soros's Spire Soros's Spire 500 Staff
Soros's Artifact Soros's Artifact 500 Focus
Soros' Assassin Inscription Soros' Assassin Inscription 500 Inscription
Soldier's Pearl Trident Soldier's Pearl Trident 400 Trident
Soldier's Pearl Rod Soldier's Pearl Rod 400 Scepter
Soldier's Pearl Quarterstaff Soldier's Pearl Quarterstaff 400 Staff
Soldier's Pearl Conch Soldier's Pearl Conch 400 Focus
Soft Wood Plank Soft Wood Plank 75 Refinement
Soft Wood Dowel Soft Wood Dowel 75 Refinement
Soft Trident Shaft Soft Trident Shaft 75 Component
Soft Staff Shaft Soft Staff Shaft 75 Component
Soft Staff Head Soft Staff Head 75 Component
Soft Scepter Rod Soft Scepter Rod 75 Component