Crafting recipes for Chef

695 results
Name asc Level Type
Cup of Potato Fries Cup of Potato Fries 25 Snack
Cup of Lotus Fries Cup of Lotus Fries 400 Snack
Cup of Light-Roasted Coffee Cup of Light-Roasted Coffee 400 Snack
Cup of Banana Cream Pie Filling Cup of Banana Cream Pie Filling 125 Cooking
Clam Cake Clam Cake 125 Snack
Cinnamon Pinwheel Cinnamon Pinwheel 0 Snack
Cinnamon Apple Cinnamon Apple 0 Dessert
Chocolate Raspberry Cream Chocolate Raspberry Cream 325 Dessert
Chocolate Raspberry Cookie Chocolate Raspberry Cookie 300 Dessert
Chocolate Raspberry Cake Chocolate Raspberry Cake 375 Dessert
Chocolate Orange Chocolate Orange 225 Dessert
Chocolate Omnomberry Cream Chocolate Omnomberry Cream 400 Dessert
Chocolate Omnomberry Cake Chocolate Omnomberry Cake 400 Dessert
Chocolate Mint Cookie Chocolate Mint Cookie 225 Dessert
Chocolate Chip Cookie Chocolate Chip Cookie 150 Dessert
Chocolate Cherry Cake Chocolate Cherry Cake 200 Dessert
Chocolate Cherry Chocolate Cherry 150 Dessert
Chocolate Cake Chocolate Cake 125 Dessert
Chocolate Banana Chocolate Banana 75 Dessert
Chili Pepper Popper Chili Pepper Popper 50 Snack
Chickpea Fritter Chickpea Fritter 250 Snack
Cherry Tart Cherry Tart 175 Dessert
Cherry Pie Cherry Pie 200 Dessert
Cherry Passion Fruit Cake Cherry Passion Fruit Cake 200 Dessert
Cherry Cookie Cherry Cookie 150 Dessert
Cherry Almond Bar Cherry Almond Bar 200 Dessert
Cheesy Cassava Roll Cheesy Cassava Roll 400 Snack
Cheeseburger Cheeseburger 50 Meal
Cheese Triangle Cheese Triangle 50 Snack
Cheese Pizza Cheese Pizza 75 Meal
Celebratory Steak Celebratory Steak 25 Meal
Carrot Soufflé Carrot Soufflé 400 Snack
Caramel Apple Caramel Apple 50 Dessert
Caramel Caramel 25 Dessert
Candy Corn Cookie Candy Corn Cookie 175 Dessert
Candy Corn Cake Candy Corn Cake 75 Dessert
Candied Apple Candied Apple 25 Dessert
Buttermilk Biscuit Buttermilk Biscuit 0 Snack
Bowl of Zucchini Chili Bowl of Zucchini Chili 175 Soup
Bowl of Zesty Turnip Soup Bowl of Zesty Turnip Soup 400 Soup
Bowl of Yam Soup Bowl of Yam Soup 175 Soup
Bowl of Winterberry Seaweed Salad Bowl of Winterberry Seaweed Salad 400 Snack
Bowl of Winter Vegetable Mix Bowl of Winter Vegetable Mix 375 Cooking
Bowl of White Frosting Bowl of White Frosting 75 Cooking
Bowl of Watery Mushroom Soup Bowl of Watery Mushroom Soup 0 Snack
Bowl of Vegetable Stock Bowl of Vegetable Stock 25 Soup
Bowl of Truffle Sautee Bowl of Truffle Sautee 400 Snack
Bowl of Truffle Risotto Bowl of Truffle Risotto 400 Meal
Bowl of Truffle Ravioli Bowl of Truffle Ravioli 400 Meal
Bowl of Tropical Mousse Bowl of Tropical Mousse 400 Dessert