Crafting recipes for Huntsman

2135 results
Name Level asc Type
Minstrel's Pearl Needler Minstrel's Pearl Needler 400 Shortbow
Berserker's Auric Torch Berserker's Auric Torch 400 Torch
Viper's Pearl Stinger Viper's Pearl Stinger 400 Longbow
Colored Paper Colored Paper 400 Legendary Component
Exalted Rifle Core Exalted Rifle Core 400 Refinement
Crusader Pearl Stinger Crusader Pearl Stinger 400 Longbow
Crusader Pearl Speargun Crusader Pearl Speargun 400 Speargun
Tough Leather Ball Tough Leather Ball 400 Legendary Component
Superior Sigil of Bounty Superior Sigil of Bounty 400 Updrage
Pulsing Brandspark Pulsing Brandspark 400 Refinement
Major Sigil of Fire Major Sigil of Fire 400 Updrage
Superior Sigil of Nullification Superior Sigil of Nullification 400 Updrage
Superior Sigil of Vision Superior Sigil of Vision 400 Updrage
Superior Sigil of Rage Superior Sigil of Rage 400 Updrage
Superior Sigil of Demons Superior Sigil of Demons 400 Updrage
Minor Sigil of Earth Minor Sigil of Earth 400 Updrage
Rampager's Pearl Needler Rampager's Pearl Needler 400 Shortbow
Cleric's Pearl Siren Cleric's Pearl Siren 400 Warhorn
Rampager's Pearl Speargun Rampager's Pearl Speargun 400 Speargun
Gift of Wood Gift of Wood 400 Component
Valkyrie Corrupted Short Bow Valkyrie Corrupted Short Bow 400 Shortbow
Superior Sigil of Paralyzation Superior Sigil of Paralyzation 400 Updrage
Carrion Primordus Rifle Carrion Primordus Rifle 400 Rifle
Assassin's Primordus Pistol Assassin's Primordus Pistol 400 Pistol
Berserker's Primordus Harpoon Gun Berserker's Primordus Harpoon Gun 400 Speargun
Apothecary's Primordus Pistol Apothecary's Primordus Pistol 400 Pistol
Sentinel's Primordus Longbow Sentinel's Primordus Longbow 400 Longbow
Shaman's Pearl Brazier Shaman's Pearl Brazier 400 Torch
Shaman's Pearl Blunderbuss Shaman's Pearl Blunderbuss 400 Rifle
Shaman's Pearl Handcannon Shaman's Pearl Handcannon 400 Pistol
Superior Sigil of Momentum Superior Sigil of Momentum 400 Updrage
Handcrafted Griffoncrack Handcrafted Griffoncrack 400 Pistol
Handcrafted Honor of Njal Handcrafted Honor of Njal 400 Torch
Elegant Huntsman's Backpack Elegant Huntsman's Backpack 400 Backpack
Nomad's Pearl Brazier Nomad's Pearl Brazier 400 Torch
Superior Sigil of Cleansing Superior Sigil of Cleansing 400 Updrage
Sinister Pearl Speargun Sinister Pearl Speargun 400 Speargun
Charged Fossil Charged Fossil 400 Refinement
Marauder Pearl Siren Marauder Pearl Siren 400 Warhorn
Apothecary's Auric Warhorn Apothecary's Auric Warhorn 400 Warhorn
Carrion Auric Longbow Carrion Auric Longbow 400 Longbow
Oiled Orichalcum Torch Head Oiled Orichalcum Torch Head 400 Component
Commander's Pearl Speargun Commander's Pearl Speargun 400 Speargun
Rampager's Auric Short Bow Rampager's Auric Short Bow 400 Shortbow
Commander's Pearl Stinger Commander's Pearl Stinger 400 Longbow
Wanderer's Pearl Blunderbuss Wanderer's Pearl Blunderbuss 400 Rifle
Mordant Infantry Bow Mordant Infantry Bow 400 Shortbow
Marshal's Astral Longbow Marshal's Astral Longbow 400 Longbow
Giver's Pearl Brazier Giver's Pearl Brazier 400 Torch
Superior Sigil of Perception Superior Sigil of Perception 400 Updrage