Crafting recipes for Huntsman

2284 results
Name Level Type desc
Spiritwood Harpoon Spiritwood Harpoon 500 Component
Vision Crystal Vision Crystal 500 Component
Deldrimor Steel Horn Deldrimor Steel Horn 500 Component
Deldrimor Steel Warhorn Mouthpiece Deldrimor Steel Warhorn Mouthpiece 500 Component
Spiritwood Longbow Stave Spiritwood Longbow Stave 500 Component
Oiled Ancient Torch Handle Oiled Ancient Torch Handle 400 Component
Spiritwood Short-Bow Stave Spiritwood Short-Bow Stave 500 Component
Elonian String Elonian String 500 Component
Spiritwood Torch Handle Spiritwood Torch Handle 500 Component
Elegant Huntsman's Tools Elegant Huntsman's Tools 400 Component
Ornate Huntsman's Tools Ornate Huntsman's Tools 300 Component
Intricate Huntsman's Tools Intricate Huntsman's Tools 275 Component
Practical Huntsman's Tools Practical Huntsman's Tools 150 Component
Sturdy Huntsman's Tools Sturdy Huntsman's Tools 75 Component
Simple Huntsman's Tools Simple Huntsman's Tools 0 Component
Oiled Orichalcum Warhorn Mouthpiece Oiled Orichalcum Warhorn Mouthpiece 400 Component
Plate of Meaty Plant Food Plate of Meaty Plant Food 400 Component
Spiritwood Rifle Stock Spiritwood Rifle Stock 500 Component
Darksteel Horn Darksteel Horn 225 Component
Darksteel Warhorn Mouthpiece Darksteel Warhorn Mouthpiece 225 Component
Darksteel Torch Head Darksteel Torch Head 225 Component
Elder Harpoon Elder Harpoon 300 Component
Elder Longbow Stave Elder Longbow Stave 300 Component
Mithril Pistol Barrel Mithril Pistol Barrel 300 Component
Elder Pistol Frame Elder Pistol Frame 300 Component
Mithril Rifle Barrel Mithril Rifle Barrel 300 Component
Elder Rifle Stock Elder Rifle Stock 300 Component
Elder Short-Bow Stave Elder Short-Bow Stave 300 Component
Thick String Thick String 300 Component
Seasoned Harpoon Seasoned Harpoon 150 Component
Hard Torch Handle Hard Torch Handle 225 Component
Hard Pistol Frame Hard Pistol Frame 225 Component
Hard Harpoon Hard Harpoon 225 Component
Hard Longbow Stave Hard Longbow Stave 225 Component
Darksteel Pistol Barrel Darksteel Pistol Barrel 225 Component
Darksteel Rifle Barrel Darksteel Rifle Barrel 225 Component
Hard Rifle Stock Hard Rifle Stock 225 Component
Hard Short-Bow Stave Hard Short-Bow Stave 225 Component
Rugged String Rugged String 225 Component
Seasoned Short-Bow Stave Seasoned Short-Bow Stave 150 Component
Steel Warhorn Mouthpiece Steel Warhorn Mouthpiece 150 Component
Bronze Rifle Barrel Bronze Rifle Barrel 0 Component
Iron Pistol Barrel Iron Pistol Barrel 75 Component
Rawhide String Rawhide String 0 Component
Bronze Pistol Barrel Bronze Pistol Barrel 0 Component
Soft Longbow Stave Soft Longbow Stave 75 Component
Bronze Torch Head Bronze Torch Head 0 Component
Green Longbow Stave Green Longbow Stave 0 Component
Bronze Warhorn Mouthpiece Bronze Warhorn Mouthpiece 0 Component
Soft Torch Handle Soft Torch Handle 75 Component