Crafting recipes for Huntsman

2284 results
Name Level Type desc
Green Torch Handle Green Torch Handle 0 Component
Soft Harpoon Soft Harpoon 75 Component
Soft Pistol Frame Soft Pistol Frame 75 Component
Thin String Thin String 75 Component
Iron Rifle Barrel Iron Rifle Barrel 75 Component
Green Rifle Stock Green Rifle Stock 0 Component
Steel Horn Steel Horn 150 Component
Seasoned Torch Handle Seasoned Torch Handle 150 Component
Green Pistol Frame Green Pistol Frame 0 Component
Seasoned Rifle Stock Seasoned Rifle Stock 150 Component
Steel Rifle Barrel Steel Rifle Barrel 150 Component
Steel Pistol Barrel Steel Pistol Barrel 150 Component
Seasoned Longbow Stave Seasoned Longbow Stave 150 Component
Coarse String Coarse String 150 Component
Iron Horn Iron Horn 75 Component
Bronze Horn Bronze Horn 0 Component
Iron Warhorn Mouthpiece Iron Warhorn Mouthpiece 75 Component
Soft Short-Bow Stave Soft Short-Bow Stave 75 Component
Green Short-Bow Stave Green Short-Bow Stave 0 Component
Soft Rifle Stock Soft Rifle Stock 75 Component
Seasoned Pistol Frame Seasoned Pistol Frame 150 Component
Steel Torch Head Steel Torch Head 150 Component
Green Harpoon Green Harpoon 0 Component
Iron Torch Head Iron Torch Head 75 Component
Orichalcum Warhorn Mouthpiece Orichalcum Warhorn Mouthpiece 400 Component
Mithril Warhorn Mouthpiece Mithril Warhorn Mouthpiece 300 Component
Mithril Horn Mithril Horn 300 Component
Mithril Torch Head Mithril Torch Head 300 Component
Elder Torch Handle Elder Torch Handle 300 Component
Gift of Wood Gift of Wood 400 Component
Ancient Harpoon Ancient Harpoon 400 Component
Ancient Longbow Stave Ancient Longbow Stave 400 Component
Orichalcum Torch Head Orichalcum Torch Head 400 Component
Orichalcum Horn Orichalcum Horn 400 Component
Ancient Torch Handle Ancient Torch Handle 400 Component
Hardened String Hardened String 400 Component
Ancient Short-Bow Stave Ancient Short-Bow Stave 400 Component
Ancient Rifle Stock Ancient Rifle Stock 400 Component
Orichalcum Rifle Barrel Orichalcum Rifle Barrel 400 Component
Ancient Pistol Frame Ancient Pistol Frame 400 Component
Orichalcum Pistol Barrel Orichalcum Pistol Barrel 400 Component
Master Maintenance Oil Master Maintenance Oil 400 Consumable
Quality Maintenance Oil Quality Maintenance Oil 300 Consumable
Artisan Maintenance Oil Artisan Maintenance Oil 225 Consumable
Standard Maintenance Oil Standard Maintenance Oil 150 Consumable
Journeyman Maintenance Oil Journeyman Maintenance Oil 75 Consumable
Apprentice Maintenance Oil Apprentice Maintenance Oil 0 Consumable
Hylek Maintenance Oil Hylek Maintenance Oil 400 Consumable
Flask of Pumpkin Oil Flask of Pumpkin Oil 400 Consumable
Furious Maintenance Oil Furious Maintenance Oil 450 Consumable