Crafting recipes for Leatherworker

1951 results
Name Level desc Type
Honed Leather Pants Honed Leather Pants 200 Leggings
Hearty Leather Pants Hearty Leather Pants 200 Leggings
Ravaging Leather Shoes Ravaging Leather Shoes 200 Boots
Strong Leather Shoes Strong Leather Shoes 200 Boots
Vigorous Leather Shoes Vigorous Leather Shoes 200 Boots
Hunter's Leather Shoes Hunter's Leather Shoes 200 Boots
Honed Leather Shoes Honed Leather Shoes 200 Boots
Hearty Leather Shoes Hearty Leather Shoes 200 Boots
Ravaging Leather Gloves Ravaging Leather Gloves 200 Gloves
Strong Leather Gloves Strong Leather Gloves 200 Gloves
Vigorous Leather Gloves Vigorous Leather Gloves 200 Gloves
Hunter's Leather Gloves Hunter's Leather Gloves 200 Gloves
Honed Leather Gloves Honed Leather Gloves 200 Gloves
Hearty Leather Gloves Hearty Leather Gloves 200 Gloves
Ravaging Leather Coat Ravaging Leather Coat 200 Coat
Strong Leather Coat Strong Leather Coat 200 Coat
Vigorous Leather Coat Vigorous Leather Coat 200 Coat
Hunter's Leather Coat Hunter's Leather Coat 200 Coat
Honed Leather Coat Honed Leather Coat 200 Coat
Hearty Leather Coat Hearty Leather Coat 200 Coat
Ravaging Leather Mask Ravaging Leather Mask 200 Helm
Strong Leather Mask Strong Leather Mask 200 Helm
Vigorous Leather Mask Vigorous Leather Mask 200 Helm
Hunter's Leather Mask Hunter's Leather Mask 200 Helm
Honed Leather Mask Honed Leather Mask 200 Helm
Hearty Leather Mask Hearty Leather Mask 200 Helm
Ravaging Leather Shoulders Ravaging Leather Shoulders 200 Shoulders
Strong Leather Shoulders Strong Leather Shoulders 200 Shoulders
Vigorous Leather Shoulders Vigorous Leather Shoulders 200 Shoulders
Hunter's Leather Shoulders Hunter's Leather Shoulders 200 Shoulders
Honed Leather Shoulders Honed Leather Shoulders 200 Shoulders
Hearty Leather Shoulders Hearty Leather Shoulders 200 Shoulders
Major Rune of the Engineer Major Rune of the Engineer 200 Updrage
Major Rune of the Thief Major Rune of the Thief 200 Updrage
Rejuvenating Leather Pants Rejuvenating Leather Pants 200 Leggings
Rejuvenating Leather Shoulders Rejuvenating Leather Shoulders 200 Shoulders
Rejuvenating Leather Shoes Rejuvenating Leather Shoes 200 Boots
Rejuvenating Leather Gloves Rejuvenating Leather Gloves 200 Gloves
Rejuvenating Leather Coat Rejuvenating Leather Coat 200 Coat
Rejuvenating Leather Mask Rejuvenating Leather Mask 200 Helm
Ravaging Noble Boots Ravaging Noble Boots 200 Boots
Rejuvenating Noble Boots Rejuvenating Noble Boots 200 Boots
Honed Noble Boots Honed Noble Boots 200 Boots
Hunter's Noble Boots Hunter's Noble Boots 200 Boots
Strong Noble Boots Strong Noble Boots 200 Boots
Vigorous Noble Boots Vigorous Noble Boots 200 Boots
Hearty Noble Boots Hearty Noble Boots 200 Boots
Ravaging Noble Coat Ravaging Noble Coat 200 Coat
Rejuvenating Noble Coat Rejuvenating Noble Coat 200 Coat
Honed Noble Coat Honed Noble Coat 200 Coat