Crafting recipes for Leatherworker

1951 results
Name Level Type desc
Elegant Leatherworker's Tools Elegant Leatherworker's Tools 400 Component
Gift of Blades Gift of Blades 500 Component
Simple Leatherworker's Tools Simple Leatherworker's Tools 0 Component
Ornate Leatherworker's Tools Ornate Leatherworker's Tools 300 Component
Elonian Helmet Padding Elonian Helmet Padding 500 Component
Elonian Longcoat Padding Elonian Longcoat Padding 500 Component
Elonian Shoulderguard Padding Elonian Shoulderguard Padding 500 Component
Elonian Trouser Padding Elonian Trouser Padding 500 Component
Elonian Boot Sole Elonian Boot Sole 500 Component
Elonian Boot Upper Elonian Boot Upper 500 Component
Elonian Glove Panel Elonian Glove Panel 500 Component
Elonian Helmet Strap Elonian Helmet Strap 500 Component
Elonian Glove Lining Elonian Glove Lining 500 Component
Elonian Longcoat Panel Elonian Longcoat Panel 500 Component
Elonian Shoulderguard Panel Elonian Shoulderguard Panel 500 Component
Elonian Trouser Panel Elonian Trouser Panel 500 Component
Lesser Vision Crystal Lesser Vision Crystal 500 Component
Oiled Hardened Longcoat Panel Oiled Hardened Longcoat Panel 400 Component
Elonian Breather Strap Elonian Breather Strap 500 Component
Heat Stone Heat Stone 500 Component
Thick Glove Lining Thick Glove Lining 300 Component
Rugged Trouser Padding Rugged Trouser Padding 225 Component
Thick Mask Padding Thick Mask Padding 300 Component
Thick Longcoat Padding Thick Longcoat Padding 300 Component
Rugged Shoulderguard Padding Rugged Shoulderguard Padding 225 Component
Rugged Longcoat Padding Rugged Longcoat Padding 225 Component
Rugged Shoulderguard Panel Rugged Shoulderguard Panel 225 Component
Rugged Glove Lining Rugged Glove Lining 225 Component
Rugged Longcoat Panel Rugged Longcoat Panel 225 Component
Rugged Goggle Strap Rugged Goggle Strap 225 Component
Rugged Glove Panel Rugged Glove Panel 225 Component
Rugged Boot Upper Rugged Boot Upper 225 Component
Rugged Goggle Padding Rugged Goggle Padding 225 Component
Rugged Boot Sole Rugged Boot Sole 225 Component
Thick Shoulderguard Padding Thick Shoulderguard Padding 300 Component
Thick Trouser Padding Thick Trouser Padding 300 Component
Thick Boot Sole Thick Boot Sole 300 Component
Hardened Shoulderguard Padding Hardened Shoulderguard Padding 400 Component
Hardened Trouser Padding Hardened Trouser Padding 400 Component
Hardened Boot Sole Hardened Boot Sole 400 Component
Hardened Boot Upper Hardened Boot Upper 400 Component
Hardened Glove Panel Hardened Glove Panel 400 Component
Hardened Helmet Strap Hardened Helmet Strap 400 Component
Hardened Shoulderguard Panel Hardened Shoulderguard Panel 400 Component
Hardened Trouser Panel Hardened Trouser Panel 400 Component
Hardened Longcoat Padding Hardened Longcoat Padding 400 Component
Hardened Helmet Padding Hardened Helmet Padding 400 Component
Thick Boot Upper Thick Boot Upper 300 Component
Thick Glove Panel Thick Glove Panel 300 Component
Thick Mask Strap Thick Mask Strap 300 Component