Crafting recipes for Leatherworker

1945 results
Name Level Type desc
Thick Shoulderguard Panel Thick Shoulderguard Panel 300 Component
Thick Trouser Panel Thick Trouser Panel 300 Component
Hardened Glove Lining Hardened Glove Lining 400 Component
Rugged Trouser Panel Rugged Trouser Panel 225 Component
Thin Jerkin Panel Thin Jerkin Panel 75 Component
Rawhide Glove Strap Rawhide Glove Strap 0 Component
Rawhide Legging Strap Rawhide Legging Strap 0 Component
Rawhide Chestguard Padding Rawhide Chestguard Padding 0 Component
Rawhide Mask Padding Rawhide Mask Padding 25 Component
Rawhide Mask Strap Rawhide Mask Strap 25 Component
Rawhide Shoulderguard Padding Rawhide Shoulderguard Padding 50 Component
Rawhide Shoulderguard Panel Rawhide Shoulderguard Panel 50 Component
Thin Boot Sole Thin Boot Sole 75 Component
Rawhide Chestguard Panel Rawhide Chestguard Panel 0 Component
Rawhide Boot Upper Rawhide Boot Upper 0 Component
Thin Glove Strap Thin Glove Strap 75 Component
Wolf Statue Wolf Statue 400 Component
Gift of Nature Gift of Nature 400 Component
Rawhide Glove Lining Rawhide Glove Lining 0 Component
Rawhide Boot Sole Rawhide Boot Sole 0 Component
Rawhide Legging Panel Rawhide Legging Panel 0 Component
Coarse Trouser Padding Coarse Trouser Padding 150 Component
Coarse Shoulderguard Padding Coarse Shoulderguard Padding 150 Component
Thin Shoulderguard Padding Thin Shoulderguard Padding 75 Component
Thin Mask Panel Thin Mask Panel 75 Component
Thin Legging Padding Thin Legging Padding 75 Component
Thin Jerkin Padding Thin Jerkin Padding 75 Component
Thin Glove Lining Thin Glove Lining 75 Component
Thin Shoulderguard Panel Thin Shoulderguard Panel 75 Component
Thin Mask Strap Thin Mask Strap 75 Component
Thin Legging Panel Thin Legging Panel 75 Component
Coarse Boot Sole Coarse Boot Sole 150 Component
Coarse Boot Upper Coarse Boot Upper 150 Component
Coarse Longcoat Padding Coarse Longcoat Padding 150 Component
Coarse Goggle Padding Coarse Goggle Padding 150 Component
Coarse Glove Lining Coarse Glove Lining 150 Component
Coarse Trouser Panel Coarse Trouser Panel 150 Component
Coarse Shoulderguard Panel Coarse Shoulderguard Panel 150 Component
Coarse Longcoat Panel Coarse Longcoat Panel 150 Component
Coarse Goggle Strap Coarse Goggle Strap 150 Component
Coarse Glove Panel Coarse Glove Panel 150 Component
Thin Boot Upper Thin Boot Upper 75 Component
Gift of Stealth Gift of Stealth 400 Component
Trailblazer's Emblazoned Gloves Trailblazer's Emblazoned Gloves 400 Gloves
Steelstar's Grips Steelstar's Grips 500 Gloves
Ruka's Grips Ruka's Grips 500 Gloves
Diviner's Emblazoned Gloves Diviner's Emblazoned Gloves 400 Gloves
Lunatic Noble Gloves Lunatic Noble Gloves 400 Gloves
The Twins' Grips The Twins' Grips 500 Gloves
Plaguedoctor's Emblazoned Gloves Plaguedoctor's Emblazoned Gloves 400 Gloves