Crafting recipes for Leatherworker

1861 results
Name Level Type asc
Major Rune of Balthazar Major Rune of Balthazar 400 Updrage
Minor Rune of the Ice Minor Rune of the Ice 175 Updrage
Superior Rune of the Lich Superior Rune of the Lich 400 Updrage
Superior Rune of the Renegade Superior Rune of the Renegade 400 Updrage
Hunter's Leather Shoulders Hunter's Leather Shoulders 150 Shoulders
Ventari's Shoulderguard Ventari's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Carrion Prowler Shoulders Carrion Prowler Shoulders 300 Shoulders
Tateos's Shoulderguard Tateos's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Berserker's Noble Shoulders Berserker's Noble Shoulders 375 Shoulders
Mighty Seeker Shoulders Mighty Seeker Shoulders 50 Shoulders
Sentinel's Noble Shoulders Sentinel's Noble Shoulders 375 Shoulders
Honed Noble Shoulders Honed Noble Shoulders 125 Shoulders
Wanderer's Emblazoned Shoulders Wanderer's Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Honed Leather Shoulders Honed Leather Shoulders 175 Shoulders
Bloodsaw Leather Work Shoulderpads Bloodsaw Leather Work Shoulderpads 65 Shoulders
Valkyrie Prowler Shoulders Valkyrie Prowler Shoulders 300 Shoulders
Veldrunner Shoulderguard Veldrunner Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Knight's Noble Shoulders Knight's Noble Shoulders 375 Shoulders
Precise Seeker Shoulders Precise Seeker Shoulders 50 Shoulders
Strong Noble Shoulders Strong Noble Shoulders 125 Shoulders
Knight's Rascal Shoulders Knight's Rascal Shoulders 225 Shoulders
Hunter's Outlaw Shoulders Hunter's Outlaw Shoulders 75 Shoulders
Apothecary's Prowler Shoulders Apothecary's Prowler Shoulders 350 Shoulders
Ravaging Leather Shoulders Ravaging Leather Shoulders 200 Shoulders
Cleric's Noble Shoulders Cleric's Noble Shoulders 275 Shoulders
Breezy Backplate Breezy Backplate 425 Shoulders
Assassin's Prowler Shoulders Assassin's Prowler Shoulders 325 Shoulders
Zojja's Shoulderguard Zojja's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Carrion Emblazoned Shoulders Carrion Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Marauder Emblazoned Shoulders Marauder Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Malign Seeker Shoulders Malign Seeker Shoulders 50 Shoulders
Sinister Emblazoned Shoulders Sinister Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Hearty Noble Shoulders Hearty Noble Shoulders 125 Shoulders
Warbeast Shoulderpads Warbeast Shoulderpads 400 Shoulders
Trailblazer's Emblazoned Shoulders Trailblazer's Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Cleric's Rascal Shoulders Cleric's Rascal Shoulders 250 Shoulders
Rabid Emblazoned Shoulders Rabid Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Strong Outlaw Shoulders Strong Outlaw Shoulders 100 Shoulders
Forgemaster's Shoulderguard Forgemaster's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Vigorous Leather Shoulders Vigorous Leather Shoulders 200 Shoulders
Valkyrie Noble Shoulders Valkyrie Noble Shoulders 275 Shoulders
Obfuscation Ward Obfuscation Ward 400 Shoulders
Rampager's Prowler Shoulders Rampager's Prowler Shoulders 325 Shoulders
Assassin's Emblazoned Shoulders Assassin's Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Berserker's Rascal Shoulders Berserker's Rascal Shoulders 250 Shoulders
Magi's Emblazoned Shoulders Magi's Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders
Hearty Outlaw Shoulders Hearty Outlaw Shoulders 100 Shoulders
Cleric's Prowler Shoulders Cleric's Prowler Shoulders 350 Shoulders
Leftpaw's Shoulderguard Leftpaw's Shoulderguard 500 Shoulders
Diviner's Emblazoned Shoulders Diviner's Emblazoned Shoulders 400 Shoulders