Crafting recipes for Scribe

811 results
Name Level desc Type
Fine Ink Set Fine Ink Set 150 Component
Sheet of Medium Sandpaper Sheet of Medium Sandpaper 150 Component
Fine Finishing Kit Fine Finishing Kit 150 Component
Guild Road Marker Schematic Guild Road Marker Schematic 150 Guild Consumable
Seasoned Wood Pen Seasoned Wood Pen 150 Component
Worn Arch Worn Arch 150 Guild Decoration
Griffon Statue Griffon Statue 150 Guild Decoration
Crate of Training Supplies Crate of Training Supplies 150 Component
Practical Scribe's Tools Practical Scribe's Tools 150 Component
Schematic: Healing Mist Schematic: Healing Mist 150 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Writ of Studied Strength Writ of Studied Strength 150 Consumable
Simple Shelf Simple Shelf 150 Guild Decoration
Writ of Studied Accuracy Writ of Studied Accuracy 150 Consumable
Potted Paddlefrond Potted Paddlefrond 150 Guild Decoration
Box of Apprentice Scribing Supplies Box of Apprentice Scribing Supplies 150 Bulk
Block of the Solid Ocean Block of the Solid Ocean 150 Guild Decoration
Crystal Block of the Solid Ocean Crystal Block of the Solid Ocean 150 Guild Decoration
Demon Statue Demon Statue 150 Guild Decoration
Wedge of Snow Wedge of Snow 150 Guild Decoration
Elonian Lattice Elonian Lattice 150 Guild Decoration
Super Chest Super Chest 150 Guild Decoration
Zephyr Window Pane Zephyr Window Pane 150 Guild Decoration
Square Guild Bar Square Guild Bar 175 Guild Decoration
Potted Croton Potted Croton 175 Guild Decoration
Schematic: Speedy Dolyaks Schematic: Speedy Dolyaks 175 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Mists Minotaur Statue Mists Minotaur Statue 175 Guild Decoration
Square Guild Banquet Table Square Guild Banquet Table 175 Guild Decoration
Potted Djinn's Tongue Potted Djinn's Tongue 175 Guild Decoration
Bowl Topiary Bowl Topiary 175 Guild Decoration
Potted Cypress Potted Cypress 175 Guild Decoration
Block Topiary Block Topiary 175 Guild Decoration
Schematic: Hardened Gates Schematic: Hardened Gates 175 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Pew Pew 175 Guild Decoration
Fancy Table Fancy Table 175 Guild Decoration
Schematic: Invulnerable Dolyaks Schematic: Invulnerable Dolyaks 175 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Fine Book Cover Fine Book Cover 175 Component
Guild Gold Gain Banner Schematic Guild Gold Gain Banner Schematic 175 Guild Consumable
Fine Book Fine Book 175 Component
Festive Streetlamp Festive Streetlamp 175 Guild Decoration
Hemisphere of Snow Hemisphere of Snow 175 Guild Decoration
Elonian Railing Elonian Railing 175 Guild Decoration
Bundle of Corn Stalks Bundle of Corn Stalks 200 Guild Decoration
Guild Karma and Experience Banner Schematic Guild Karma and Experience Banner Schematic 200 Guild Consumable
Potted Tall Cypress Potted Tall Cypress 200 Guild Decoration
Schematic: Turtle Banner Schematic: Turtle Banner 200 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Red Cushion Red Cushion 200 Guild Decoration
Thesis on Studied Malice Thesis on Studied Malice 200 Feast
Guild Chair Guild Chair 200 Guild Decoration
Guild Ballista Blueprints Guild Ballista Blueprints 200 Guild Consumable (WvW)
Summit Flag Summit Flag 200 Guild Decoration